10 Ways to Have Fun this Festive Season 2019

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Christmas is easily everyone’s favorite time of the year. Aside from your birthday, or a wedding. Or graduation. And either way, as great as these milestones are great, no one ever says it smells like graduation, or that birthday is in the air. But the moment we kiss November goodbye, we can easily say that for Christmas.

Why so special?

You know these things already. It’s the season to be jolly, it’s the celebration of the birth of one of the most popular figures in history, it coincides with the end of the year and the beginning of another which brings for reflection, gratitude, and hope, the holidays from work and school that brings us together with family and friends we may not have seen all year round. Christmas is amazing. And oh, yea, gifts. I forgot to mention that. Whether you believe in Santa Claus or not, gifting is one of the best parts of Christmas.

So what gift are you giving yourself this Christmas?

We figured out 10 ways for you to gift yourself the memorable gift of fun and laughter with loads of pleasant memories to last you a lifetime.

1. Attend Music Concerts, Plays, and Parties

One of the readily available ways to have fun this Christmas is to attend concerts of some of your favorite artists. While they have worked hard all year to churn out hits and put out splendid musical videos for your enjoyment, at the end of the year, you get to see these musicians thrill you with their stage presence and stagecraft.

Not only that, several troupe groups, theater houses are also putting together plays and dramas for your enjoyment at this time of the year. From the Muson Center to Terra Kulture, these venues would be hosting some of your favorite thespians deliver their raw talent on the stage.

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While clubbing is pretty much regular, Christmas parties are a special kind of fun. From office parties to family parties, don’t forget to put on your dancing shoes and head out to anywhere there is a party with the promise of good drinks, food, and pretty people to dance and mingle with.

2. Vacation in a Beach Resort

I know you have been dreaming of a beach vacation all year round. Well, now is the perfect time to stop dreaming and actually go on one. It’s great that there are several beach resorts in Lagos now, and so you don’t have to worry about overcrowding, 3 to 5 days on a beach resort like Atican Beach Resort or Inagbe Grand Resort, would do you plenty of good and it will not even be expensive. Beach resort vacations are totally affordable now with budget travel quite readily available in places like Lagos. So pack light, and head on to that beach vacation you have always wanted. Going with family? Great. Going with a special someone, that’s awesome too. Just don’t procrastinate and leave it till next year.

la campagne tropicana
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3. Visit an Orphanage, Volunteer for a Christmas Outreach

One of the best parts of the season is we all get to channel our inner Mother Teresa. Yes, I know, we should give all year round and support worthy causes as often as we should, and there is no doubt that many of us have been charitable and benevolent towards others through the year, but there is a reason why it really does smell like Christmas. Everything is extra special. The Jollof is even a little tastier.

A great way to spend your Christmas and have fun is to visit orphanages, load up your car with stuff to give out to the kids, visit slums and ghettos and put a smile on the faces of random kids, volunteer for outreaches doing similar things, play Santa Claus and generally let the true spirit of Christmas exude through you.

4. Travel. Have a real Vacation

A marvelous idea is to actually travel this Christmas. Not to the village, please. You have been doing that for so long, it’s time to actually do something different. If you’ve been saving up all year, or you actually just really have funds that make all the guys call you Chairman, or Cash Madam, you should actually spend time this Christmas traveling. Go see exciting new places that are rich with history and exotic in culture and cuisine. Singapore, Austria, Thailand, Dubai, China, Croatia. Wherever you want to go, research, plan and pack your bags and set off. See you in the New Year. Just make sure you post pictures on Instagram and share amazing Snaps with us. You have to do it for the culture.

Jumia currently offers amazing vacation deals to Middle East (Dubai) 163,000, Asia (Singapore) 230,000, Europe(Italy, France) Africa (Casa Del Papa) 115000. Check here for more information about travel packages. (Packages could include: Visa, 5-nights+, Daily breakfast, Cruise with dinner, Airport Transfers, City Tour and many more.

5. Have a Grill and Barbecue and Invite Everyone Over.

As I have said earlier, Christmas is really just a time to have a great time with family, friends and loved ones. A great way to do this to to have a cookout, or a grill and invite friends and family over. You could handle the costs or ask people to pitch in, whatever the case it is an idea worth exploring. Just make sure you are big on safety, and no one gets hurt cos someone left a knife lying around or a leaking gas pipe caused the grill burner to explode.

outdoor bbq grill

6. Home is good too. Kick Back with a Movies and Music Compilation.

If you are an indoor person, and you really do not fancy the entire idea of going out, being somewhere, spending long hours with people and the entire works, you might have been wondering what ideas we have for you. Well here is one. Buy CDs of your favorite Christian movies, or just pay for the Cable subscription, make a playlist of amazing Christmassy songs, ensure the wine stays chilled in the fridge and the pie is baked and just kick it your own style. If you’ll be pretty much indoors and not around people so much, I think you shouldn’t fail to text pretty much everyone you know to wish them a merry Christmas, so they don’t think you hate them, even though you may probably do just a little.

7. Attend Calabar Carnival

The biggest Street Party in all of Africa. It lasts an entire month long. If you are just seeing this you probably should have booked your hotel in Calabar a month before now. Because usually rooms are fully booked at this point. But hey, you could still get lucky, people are moving in and out all the time. But the Calabar Festival is something you should experience several times in your lifetime. If you missed it last year, don’t miss it this year, and if you are missing it this year, start making plans to attend the festival next year. It is always colorful, beautiful, fun-filled, with lots of exciting and interesting people, you are bound to meet and make new friends, and who knows maybe the love of your life dancing in a troupe adorned in a Peacock costume. Come to think about it, it is actually never too late to book your flight to Calabar now.

calabar festival troupe

8. Shop

Don’t even worry about January, when we get to that bridge we will cross it, or borrow it. Shopping can be so therapeutic, and if you are not traveling or throwing a party, I suggest you spend all that money buying, and filling carts, left, right and center. Buy gifts for your work colleagues. Buy gifts for the parents. Buy gifts for the lover, and for the siblings. Buy gifts for yourself.

The festive period is all about giving gifts to your loved ones, Jumia also is giving you amazing discounts on all our products ranging from gadgets to clothing, Bags, and many more. Those shoes you’ve been eyeing, the bags mum casually mentioned that she loves in the nude color, spend this money and make yourself and everyone around you happy. But seriously, leave some money for January, I won’t be there drinking garri with you when the brokenness sets in.

9. Decorate

Personally, I would like to get invited to decorating sessions. Anywhere, your house, your office, the public park in the estate. Decorating is a great way to get in the Christmas spirit and bond before the core Christmas events start to kick in. It also helps you express your creative ideas on decorating for Christmas and you don’t have to diss the person who put awkward Christmas signs anymore when you volunteered to put forward your ideas yourself. When invited to help decorate the church or the office for Christmas, be sure to go with small chops and drinks, and a dope playlist. It makes it all the more fun and Christmassy.

10. Carols

What is Christmas without Carols and the kids in Church acting out the Nativity Story and your niece being grabbed at the last minute to play Baby Jesus even though she is 2 years old and cries when in the arm of strangers? RSVP every carol invitation you get and make it a point to attend. They are really fun. Just hope the choir doesn’t decide this year to do experiment with some woke performance and take away the classy from Christmas carol.

christmas carol banner

NB: I’m accepting invitations to Christmas parties and Carols.

Let’s have a wonderful festive season everyone and please remember to stay safe. Don’t drive when you have had something to drink, order an Uber or Bolt, don’t attend parties where you do not have friends present, and don’t stay out too late at night.

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