5 dating ideas for a rainy day in Lagos

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She finally said yes and you are filled with excitement. I mean, it is finally happening! You set the time and place, and you wonder, what could possibly go wrong. A few hours to the date however, the clouds turn grey and heavy pellets of rain assault the grounds and you feel like Mother Nature is working against you.

The rain may be nature’s way of ensuring the earth remains alive, however, it can put a damper on your romantic plans, especially if you are in Lagos where the rain falls like it’s on a mission for vengeance. Nobody likes to get caught in the rain unless you are in a rom-com…which, let’s face it, is nothing close to reality. Wet clothes and soaked shoes are not exactly the most comfortable or flattering on a date.

Fortunately, you do not necessarily have to let the showers wash away the romance though. Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal, shares a range of fun ideas to help heighten the passion, no matter the weather situation outside.  Take a look at these 5 rainy-day date ideas!


Indoor Picnic

Picnics do not have to done outside on the field or at a park for it to be romantic. Actually, indoor picnic can spice things up for you and your date. All you need is the right food (which you can either make or order in), wine, and spread out a blanket. Add candles and slow relaxing music, and you will have an excellent day. If you want to make thing unique, you can test out the best blanket fort configurations. Hang some lights and spend the entire day “camping” with food and music indoors.

Enjoy art at Omenka Gallery

You can seize the rainy day and finally visit Omenka gallery to view an exhibition. The art gallery usually feature works by great artistes and there is an onsite restaurant that serves the tastiest meals. This option is only interesting if both of you have interests in art. In the case where is just one of you with the love for arts, you can spend time telling the other all about it.


Catch up on movies

Seeing a movie on a date may sound boring, but it is actually the perfect activity for a rainy night. You can either stay in and watch all your favorites or see a new movie at the cinema. Usually, a romantic movie would be best. We would advise seeing the movie at home though, as it will create a cozy environment, you can watch the movie at your pace and there will be good opportunities to take progress from just seeing the movie to other possibly fun activities.

Game tournament

Rather than cancel the date completely, you can invite you date over and kick his or her butt at a video game or Wii tourney.  If you are not the video game or Wii type, you can opt for board games, card games or even charades. The important thing is that you have fun challenging each other. A little friendly competition maybe all you need to take the friendship to another level.


Cook a meal together

Food has a way of making everything okay. You already planned to occupy your day or at least certain hours of the day with the date, so you basically have nothing else on your agenda. You might as well send some time figuring out a difficult recipe. This will certainly interest the lady if she is the type who loves to spend time in the kitchen. Ensure you cook at the house of the person who has the ingredients and equipment you need. This activity can be so much fun as you not only get to fill your stomach in the end, you end up learning new things about the other person, as you certainly we have conversations while cooking.


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