3 delicacies that can help travellers cut fat

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Fats are necessary to provide energy for the body, support cell growth and also shield the organs from bacterial attack. However according to health experts consuming too much  of this food substance can to heart related problems from an increased accumulation of cholesterol in the arteries and also obesity.

While fatty meals can be tasty, avoiding it can keep you healthier on a trip. As a reminder for travellers, Travel.Jumia.com; Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal shares some interesting delicacies that can help you stay fat-free.


The water content in Apple makes it a very attractive fruit for people trying to cut their fat intake. They are very rich in fibre and vitamins which are beneficial to the body. Also, according to research, eating an apple before a meal goes a long way in countering the effects of high calorie foods. They are readily available on the streets of Abuja but when purchasing, ensure it’s a fresh fruit you are buying.


Vegetables like waterleaf, spinach and cabbage have folic acid which can protect the body against heart diseases. It also contains potassium which can largely allow travellers maintain a very healthy blood pressure. So, eating vegetables is an excellent way to combat fats as well.

Oats and Cereals

Fibres are very good for the body as it is key for reducing cholesterol in the body. Oat indeed is a meal that contains a reasonable amount of fibres which can help protect your heart and blood vessels by ensuring that they are not affected by too much fatty acids.

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