5 Mistakes to Avoid When Making A Hotel Booking

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Get the best out of your hotel bookings by avoiding making these mistakes.

Booking and making hotel reservations is supposed to be a wholesome and seamless process. Between OTA’s like ours and hotel managements, we always look for ways to make the experience better for the guests. But what mistakes do you need to stop making to enjoy your hotel accommodation on your travels? We highlight some of them here for you.


Not asking for the Hotel Policy on Children

It is important to know what the hotel policy on Children is. Some accept children under a certain age. Some may require you to pay an additional fee. Some just need to be informed you are coming with kids so that they may make arrangements for them at no cost to you whatsoever. The important thing is that when you are on that family vacation, before loading the kids into the back of that Sienna, know what the hotel policy on kids states so that you would not be inconvenienced on what would otherwise have been a fun family vacation.


Not inputting the Voucher Code When making Payment

When making your hotel booking online, do not get overly excited by the availability of promo vouchers that you forget to actually input the code when making payment. It gets embarrassing for you, the hotel and your travel booking portal when the issues are raised only to discover that you did not, in fact, apply the voucher code. Double check. Make sure it is correct. See that the price difference takes effect before you finalize payment. That way, even we are not wrongly accused of being fraudulent.

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Not Picking Up or Returning Calls when Our Travel Advisors try to reach You

When you make your hotel booking, aside from automatic emails and text messages you would get for confirmation and other purposes, our travel advisors would call you to pass on an important piece of information to you. This could be about the unavailability of the room you picked, or about directions to the hotel, or information about a special request you made. Do not consider these calls pesky. They are made to make your booking process a whole lot better. If you are not booking for the first time, it would be good to have the Jumia Travel office numbers saved on your phone. Plus, you can always call the Travel Advisors to make a booking for you when you do not have the internet.


Not booking ahead especially for Important Events like Weddings and Business Meetings

When you have important events such as business meetings, conference, seminars, and weddings planned, please always book weeks or even months in advance. Understand that you aren’t the only one in need of these hotel room reservations, and when you do not book ahead, you could find yourself being stranded or settling for a lesser standard of room or hotel. Online Travel Agencies like ours cannot emphasize enough to travelers how important it is to book in advance. Do this the moment you are sure about your itinerary and you can have rest of mind knowing your accommodation has been sorted.


Not making a Special Request

When you book with Jumia Travel, you have the opportunity to make a special request. This could be concerning your meals, your arrival and check in time if you are going to be earlier than usual, or perhaps maybe you are even coming with kids. Hotels function by offering great hospitality services. They are primed to take care of you, make you feel comfortable, and ensure that your stay is pleasant. Rather than throw it to chance, ensure that any special request you have is made at the time of making your booking.

You can inform the restaurant if you have allergies and can’t eat certain things. You can tell them your flight is coming in extremely late and you need an airport pick up. Or you can ask for a tour guard to show you around the city. When you make these requests, it helps you have a better travel experience with the hotel and with us. After all, aren’t we here to serve you?

Let us know in the comments if you have been making these hotel booking mistakes.


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  1. Maxwell

    August 16, 2017 at 10:23 am

    Also, ask for the bed sheets to be changed in your presence. Or better still if the hotel offers laundry services make sure bed sheets are taken to the washing machine while you wait in the bar and grab a drink. Sometimes the attendants are just lazy and won’t change the sheets after the last guest if it still looks clean.

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