5 New Android Games To Spice Up Your Travel

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Travelling can be a bore, especially when you are making the trip alone. If you are stuck and looking for ways to occupy your time while on the move, JUMIA TRAVEL , Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal has selected 5 new android game apps to not just occupy your screen but guarantee ultimate fun. Are you ready?

Desktop Dungeons

Do you get thrilled by games that entail short-range risks management or are mad about games that let you manage resources tactically? If you do, prepare to get addicted to this game! All you need to do is spellcast and slay your way through various dungeons, and defeat evil lords to unlock new characters and objects. It is continuously engaging, very well-adjusted, and comes with helpful tutorials to teach you both basic and advanced tricks. With music from Grant Kirkhope and Danny Baranowsky, the level of content, as well chances for replay ultimately beats any difficulty you may have. Note that you might want to have a calculator handy as you play, especially if your maths needs a little help.

Bird Climb

A huge contender to the popular ‘Flappy Bird’, Bird Climb is an intriguing and certainly addictive tap-controlled mobile title from BoomBit that challenges you to help an animated bird fly as high as possible, avoiding all manner of spikes and obstacles strewn along the wall. It is a one-touch infinity runner where you move vertically rather than horizontally.The more rapidly you tap, the quicker the bird flies, and you can amass gems needed to unlock fantastic new characters. Also, it features a multiplayer mode which allows you to invite other players online as well as have multiple battles and challenges open at the same time.

Earn to Die 2

Earn to Die 2 is a new and improved version of the two original web series: Earn to Die 2012 as well as Earn to Die 2(Exodus). This hit driving-zombie-game is pretty straight forward, all you need to do unlock and upgrade vehicles fashioned with lethal armaments, and drive your way through cities teeming with zombies, taking out as many zombies as possible. Whereas the original game took place mostly in desert, in this sequel, the levels are multi-tiered and now takes you through urban landscapes like factories, freeways and tunnels. Earn to Die 2 is free, however allows 3rd-party advertising and optional in-app purchases.

Chaos Rings III

Chaos Ring III is the newest in the widely acclaimed RPG series – Chaos Rings.  Certainly the greatest RPG saga, the Square Enix’s fantasy explores an exciting new adventure and features a spanking new game structure with changes made on the interface and graphics departments. Designed specifically for smartphones and tablets, it is a lot more animated and intriguing than previous games in the series, and sees you gathering a group of teenage heroes to head out into the world and hunt monsters. Although very expensive, it features grand musical scores, excellent voice acting and colorful landscapes, making it one of the most rewarding games now on Android.

Kung Fury

Based on the popular YouTube hit, Kung Fury will have you committed to the ways of a Kung Fu master. A throwback to some street-fighting games including  Streets of Rage as well as Double Dragon, its features – the music ,the box art in the Play Store and CRT filter over the game – oozes 80s goodness, making it requires is an excellent way of capturing the era on your android. The game requires precise timing to pull off a string of combos and if you take damage three times then the game is over. The fast-paced two-button combat is hugely addictive.

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