5 spots in Nigeria to get off the grid

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Nigeria has a wealth of attractions – from the popular Tinapa Resort, the mysterious Long Juju of Arochukwu, to the remote Idanre Hills and the great Olumo Rock. But the country also offers some delightful surprises for those looking for a serious get away from it all – places to unplug from tedious office routines, unwire from the computer, and detach from the mobile phone. 

Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal has selected delightfully rustic spots to check out around Nigeria. While some of these escapes are 100% ‘off-the-grid’ in the true sense of the term, others are mostly still under the radar, but just far removed enough to give the sense of peace and tranquil.

Obudu cattle ranch

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A break away reconnecting and recharging in wonderfully unexpected surroundings, doing a healthy dose of nothing is everyone’s dream and this is what the Obudu Ranch offers.

Situated on a plateau 1576 meters above sea level on the Oshie Ridge of the Sankwala Mountains, the ranch is a world away from your everyday routine. In addition trekking, horseback riding, mountain biking, kayaking, swimming, camping, bird watching and fishing, this locale’s idyllic serenity, and scenic views make it ideal for the lone adventurer, young couple or holiday group.

The ranch provides suites varying in size from the 2-bedroom Governor’s Lodge with its own dining room and kitchenette; to the 20 Mountain Villas with 3 bedrooms.

Obudu cattle ranch is surrounded by beautiful terrain, sits at a high altitude, a distance from civilization and provides for some of the Nigeria’s finest star-gazing.

Chad Basin National Park


An absolute haven of adventure for nature-lovers, the Chad Basin National Park is located in the Sudano-Sahelian ecological zone of the North-Eastern part of Nigeria between Borno and Yobe States, and covers an area of 2,258 sq km divided into three sectors: the Chingurmi-Duguma sector, the Bade-Nguru Wetlands and Bulatura sectors. The park is home to rare desert wildlife, including immigrant birds and many visit to enjoy the bird display. However, other activities include trekking, kayaking, and camping. If you have been considering going AWOL, the Chad Basin National Park is a perfect off-the-grid destination to set up camp.

Abraka River Resort, Abraka


This region of forests and streams lets you set your own pace. If you are looking to veg out, you could not ask for a more scenic spot. Abraka River Resort is ideal for those who want to escape the noise and tension of urban life.  But if your idea of a break means jumping into nature – fishing, sailing, biking and exploring – then, this is the ideal starting spot for that adventurous spirit. In addition to the variety of activities, you can also learn about the locals.

Ososo Tourist Center


Ososo Tourist Centre is a beautiful place with plenty of space for off the grid safe holds. The town is located on the boundary between Edo and Kogi States. A ‘rest house’ on top of a hill gives a panoramic view of parts of Kogi State and stretches as far as the Niger. Visitors who spend time here will be treated to righteous sand dunes, fewer crowds, and quick slot canyons.  Ososo Tourist Centre is a magnet for enthusiasts, who come to this small town for its cliffs, large dunes, and fairly consistent weather suitable for camping and hiking

MicCom Golf Course


Nigeria’s only privately owned golf course with hotel facilities, MicCom Golf Hotels Resort is a niner’s delight situated in Ada, a rustic town in Osun State. The course is set in the tranquil setting deep in the forests of South-West Nigeria. On a trek round the course, native flora and birds may be your only company. If you are keen on taking a swing or two, you can book a room on Jumia Travel for as low as NGN5382 a night (exclusive deal). It is worth the trip!

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