5 things to do if you are stuck in a hotel

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Hotels provide comfort as well as serve as a sanctuary to shut down your body whenever you are on the road. It may inadvertently happen that, during your stay at a five-star hotel in Lagos, you may be unable to leave your hotel due to circumstances beyond your control.

Will you simply coil in bed or gaze at empty space lamenting your situation? No! Because sooner or later, you will get bored. You have to do something to revive or spice up your vacation notwithstanding being tied up in your hotel. Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal points you to 5 things you can do when you are stuck in a hotel.


Tour the hotel

Domiciled in Lagos are a handful of hotels that have become tourist attractions due to their popularity. There is so much to see in these hotels that you forget that you are tied down. If you are lucky, you can even buy tickets to attend a performance, show or a gig which coincide with your stay at the hotel. Eko Hotel and Suites fit this category.

Grab a few bottles

Nearly all hotels have a bar. To help you past time, you can visit the bar to down one or two bottles of soda or whatever you drink. You may meet someone to chat. Importantly, do not get tipsy while bingeing. You may find it difficult to get off your bed the following day.

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Take selfies

Your phone camera can also help in melting boredom when you are stuck in a hotel. You can take nice shots of yourself with some hotel staff or at the bar and post on Facebook. If you want you can tell your followers that you are legally detained in your hotel!

Read a book

You do not have to carry a physical book while travelling. There are e-books that you have access to on your phone for little or no fee. Reading will help you pass time if you are not keen on leaving your room. Reading will also help you learn something new.


Call your spouse or family

For people who are lovey-dovey, being tied up in a hotel is an opportunity to talk to your lover or partner. You guys can video Skype. You can talk about your fears, worries, relationship and much more. They are are perhaps the best people who can keep your company despite the fact that they are not physically present with you.


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