5 things you should never do in a Warri night club

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House 99 Lounge, 19 Lounge, D-Range Nite Club and many more are clubs in Warri that offer a lot of fun to locals and visitors  in the city who are keen on the nightlife. One of the great things about going to nightclubs in Warri is that you are surrounded by strangers who can quickly become new friends. You also sometimes meet strangers who are unruly…depending on what side of town you are on.

The truth though, is that the way you conduct yourself at clubs, determines if you will have a great night or not. If you are visiting Warri and wish to visit one of its glittering nightclubs, Jumia Travel has put together a list of top 5 things not to do there. 


Do not tell the DJ what to play

You may feel you have some sort of experience with Nigerian music and feel a strong desire to listen to or dance to your jam while in a Warri night club, its okay to have such feelings, but its best to keep it to yourself and enjoy whatever is being dished out by the club DJ. Keep in mind that you do not own the club. Do not accost the DJ and demand your preferred playlist or song as this may irritate the DJ. You can be polite and have your way without hassles

Try not to stand around instead of dancing

If you have made the conscious decision to visit a Warri nightclub, ensure you also are ready to dance and shake your body. Standing around, trying to be cool does not raise your reputation in anyway instead it irritates others who are on the dance floor. When in Warri, remind yourself that a club is not a place for observing others while sipping your drink.


Better not hit on a women with a guy

If you are a guy in a club in Warri, be sure a girl came alone before you go to hit on her. Actually, if you want to survive a Warri nightclub, it is better to go with your woman. Hitting on a girl with another man can create very great problems for you as her partner may even pick up a physical fight with you, leading to you being bounced out of the club. Also, if you are going to hit on woman, do not be uncouth about it. Sneaking up behind women and grinding on them, putting hands where they should not go, aggressively hitting on them is a no-no.

Do not behave aggressively

No matter how excited or drunk you are, it is best to put a pin on your behavior, especially towards others while you are in the club as what you give to others, you most likely will receive in larger returns. No matter how crowded the club is, try and retrain yourself from pushing, quacking anyone or basically showing any form of aggressiveness.   It does not matter if you are royalty, you are not more important than anyone else in this club.

Leave your drink unattended

This actually applies to night clubs all over the world as it is a matter of safety. Never leave your drink unattended to. Carry your glass with you wherever you are or ensure you finish the drink before you leave the table. If for some reason you leave it unattended to,  there is a chance you may not find it when you return as the “real owner” would have taken it. And even if you find it on your return, please do not drink it . Just get a new drink.


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