5 Tips on a Work-Life-Travel Balance from Simi Odusanya of Eat.Tech.Travel

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Simi Odunsanya describes herself as a Travel Junkie. As you would expect that would mean that she gets a lot of excitement and exhilaration from traveling. I’m sure a number of us could find ourselves fitting perfectly into this category. On a Twitter discussion with the hashtag #NigeriaTravelChat hosted by Sam Adeleke, Simi spoke on why she hasn’t quit her job to travel, essentially sharing tips on how she has been able to successfully balance her work, alongside her life, and the very time consuming globe trotting she does.

Simi started the chat off by saying that most importantly, you need to know and understand what the motivation for traveling is for you, and know what you are willing to sacrifice to achieve your work-life-travel balance. 

Her Number 1 Tip is Take Advantage of Public Holidays. She says “Short trips can be planned around those days, that way you can travel without using up your vacation days from work.” This actually is very true. Especially for holidays that spill in or out of a weekend, giving you almost 5 days free.

Number 2 Tip is to take advantage of traveling for work or business and utilize it by exploring the town or a nearby one, see places of interest, taste their food, and interact with their people. “In December, I was in Abuja for work. I was able to sneak in a day road trip to Kaduna with my friends. We were able to visit 2 attractions Nok Village & Matsirga Falls.”

This might not work for everyone as not everyone’s business gives them the opportunity to travel, but something that does give Nigerians the opportunity to travel a lot is weddings. As she has rightly said, simply use the opportunity to explore and create a short travel itinerary. Don’t stray too far before you miss out on your bestie feeding her hubby palmwine.

She continues, “Tip 3: Day/Weekend trips – You can start by exploring towns or states that are close to you. For instance, you can visit Olumo Rock in Abeokuta, Agodi Gardens in Ibadan, Idanre Hills in Ondo from Lagos…If you are quite adventurous, you can go camping. I went camping this year.”

If you’re keen to explore the West Africa. You can visit neighboring countries such as Ghana, Benin Republic, Togo. All you need is a valid passport and a yellow card, off you go to Seme Border”

For Tip Number 4 Simi advises to explore your surroundings and look for new places close to home. If in Lagos, you can start with Tarkwa Bay or even Lekki Conservation Center.

This is certainly true. There are lots of fun places you can start with in your locality. In Lagos there is Badagry and all it’s history, in Lagos you can go art gallery hopping. If you are in any of the Eastern states, there are caves, forest reserve areas you can go visiting and camping.

On a final note, Simi tells us to be friends with people who love traveling. They will entice and motivate you to go on a trip or an adventure.

The upside to this is that you can plan trips together, share costs and look out for each other on your trips. As much as traveling solo can be fun, traveling as a group also has its own kicks.


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