5 useful tips for surviving a dangerous trip at night

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Night travel adds a completely different dynamic to travel experiences. It is interesting for some because they can savour the warmth and excitement that comes with facing the dark while many others do not fancy the idea.

No matter the divide you belong, if you are caught in the middle of nowhere, at after dark, there are a few things to do in order to protect yourself.  Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares these tips.

Stick together.

The guaranteed way to survive the night is to stay together if you are travelling as group. It is advisable for everyone to carry out frequent checks on all members of the team so nobody is left behind. This is not the time to go sightseeing and concern about the safety of lives and property should make everybody stick together.

Lights out.

This is an important precaution to forestall any robbery attack. With the lights on in an isolated area, it can attract unnecessary attention. It is advisable to turn the lights down and stay quiet while waiting for assistance.

Call a superior.

Although this is the responsibility of the driver, immediately an incident occurs, no matter how minor, do your part in making sure it is reported to the head office. This increases their chances of sending help your way as quickly as possible. The passengers should insist that the driver report, if he decides to wait till morning.

Stay calm.

Being jittery will not make any difference. Stay calm, call your friends, family or neighbours to inform them about your current situation. More importantly have a positive mind-set and if you are religious, say a little prayer. You may need it.

Be prepared.

Nefarious things happen under the cover of darkness on the streets of Port Harcourt, Rivers State. For travellers stuck in no man’s land, they need to be prepared. Not with weapons, but take some safety measures-send a harbinger to look for a safe location to sleep, ladies should put on trousers and everyone should keep their things safely.

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