5 ways to kill boredom on a long road trip

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The idea of going on a road trip with friends and family is exciting – especially if you are not the one driving – until you are 3 to 5 hours in and it dawns on you that you still have a long stretch of road ahead with the thought of boredom looming.

Rather than sitting idle fiddling with apps on your gadgets, get creative with how you spend those idle hours. Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal has a few suggestions on how to making road trips go smoother and feel faster.

Catch up on work

This might sound tedious especially if you are on your way to a vacation and looking to escape the hassles that come with your job. However, rather than waste all that time just sitting and staring or doing something equally mundane, you can invest that time in your work, strategizing, planning and making notes either on your laptop, phone or a piece of paper. This works best if you own a business as you could actually come up with a plan that can revolutionize your entire company in the long run.

Learn a new skill

Thanks to technology, almost anything can be virtually accomplished via the internet these days. You can learn how to build a shelf, style your hair, sew on a button or even bake a cake in less time than you can imagine. Download the YouTube app and search for skills you are interested in and you are certain to find DIY videos to keep you busy all through the trip.


Start a Vlog

A ‘video blog’ may seem like a  very technical way to share ideas or opinions as it tends to require the use of a camera, a video editing app, and a long process of posting and publishing, but it is actually easy to pull off while on road trip with just a mobile phone. The good thing about vlogs is that it is they are relative, there is no firm structure as to what you have to say or do for it to be accepted. You can add excitement to your trip by recording it all on a vlog.

Sketch a portrait

Certainly not an outlandish idea! If you have hours to kill on a car, bus or train, why not flex your artistic muscles and dare to sketch a portrait. It does not have to be perfect, it is the challenge to create something even remotely appreciable that makes it exciting. You can copy a profile picture on your phone or you can start tough by putting your memory to task and attempt a sketch inspired by a mental picture.

Write a movie script

Writing is something anyone can do. All you need is the ability to scribble letters and with a bit of imagination and focus, you can actually pull of an excellent movie script which can transpire into a blockbuster movie someday.


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