4 breastfeeding tips for traveling mothers

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Breastfeeding is essential to the growth of any child.

According to BabyCenter, “whatever you decide, try to give your baby nothing but breastmilk until she’s six months old. This will give your baby a healthy start in life.  When your baby is ready to try her first solid food, you can still carry on breastfeeding her.” Hence, the role breastmilk plays in a child’s development cannot be overemphasized.

However, there are stereotypes about about breastfeeding that limit breastfeeding mothers from carrying out this God-given role. In order to foster a more inclusive society, Travel.Jumia.com, Africa’s No 1 hotel booking portal shares modest tips on how women can feed their babies while on the road.

Pack your breastfeeding kit

A baby will cry when she is hungry. If you are uncomfortable with raising your blouse other people watching, remember to pack a scarf every time you need to breastfeed for a measure of privacy. Be prepared always and carry items like feeding bottles, breast pumps, pashmina or scarves, frozen icepacks, and warmers.

Wear loose and comfortable dresses

For nursing mothers, adorning comfortable clothes is the way to go. Rather than wearing tight fitting dresses, a loose cloth will be easier to adjust when the baby begins making demands.

Take advantage of breastfeeding breaks

This is a rare opportunity on board a plane where the airline gives you the chance to take care of your baby before boarding a plane. This break may not be helpful if you do not like nursing your child in public, in which case, you should invest in a breast pump. With this device, you can have your breast milk expressed in a feeding bottle and stored at the right temperature before leaving home.

Talk to the flight attendant

If you are travelling by air, it is polite to ask theattendant about the rules for breastfeeding mothers in-flight. Some airlines may permit it while others will not. Thus, to save your blushes, seek information early.


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