7 things you will find in every Lagos roadside stall

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Lagos is a beautiful city that attracts tourists from time to time. As expected, there are number of hotels available to lodgers, some high-end, some boutique and some budget. Although these hotels are different in class or stars, there is one thing they all have in common: items sold as well as services received within the structure are always pricier than what is available out on the streets.

While visiting the city, you may feel the need to make some purchases outside your hotel, either to save costs or get an item that is not available in the hotel’s mini mart. Your best bet would be one of the majority of roadside stalls or kiosks scatter around nooks and crannies in the city. These stalls may not be glamorous as they are usually made with a combination of wood and zinc sheets, but they are loaded with items Lagosian deem essential to the average local per day.

If you are curious to know what exactly you can buy from these local tuck shops, Read on to discover 7 things Jumia Travel has on its list:


Agege Bread

This is a staple for most of the locals in the city. An unsliced bread made with just the basic ingredients for bread : Flour, milk,  sugar, yeast and  water, it sells as fast as hot cakes. If you hesitant to spend a fortune on the hotel food, you can buy this bread from any nearby kiosk and pair it with groundnut or a drink.


There is literally no local shop on the streets of Lagos that does not sell Indomie  or the alternative : chikki, mimi e.t.c. Indomie may not be ready-to-eat like the agege bread, but can easily be cooked with hot water.  If you are in a hotel room with a kitchenette, it may be the perfect purchase for super.


Pure water

Water is essential to life! Rather than spend at least N200 on 50 cl of water in a hotel, you can easily buy a bag of pure water (30 sachets of 50cl) with same amount from these shops. It is important to look out for the water company’s NAFDAC number before you make your purchase though to ensure the “pure” water is pure indeed.

Finger batteries

These may seem a bit far-fetched, but finger batteries seem to be of high demand as you will find it for purchase in almost every shop on the street. You can easily make a purchase to replace the batteries in your torch light or camera. It is however difficult to find high-quality brands like Duracell.


Sachet Beverages

From sachet milk to sachet milo, coffee, sugar and even alcohol, you are bound to find a variety of beverages in the stalls. The sachets are usually fun size as they can be used for one serving only and are great for travellers who do not have the free breakfast option, as they may need beverages to kick off their morning , but do not need to buy large packets if they are on a short trip.


A favorite snack for children but also consumed by adults, cheese balls is an item you will not fail to find in any roadside shop. They are also cheap at the price of N20 for the small packs. It is a nice snack to store in your hotel room for times you feel puckish.


Toilet Roll

Everyone has to poop and the easiest way to clean up with the toilet roll. If you are staying in a hostel or inn where you need to buy your own supplies and toiletries, the stalls are your savior. You can find hygienic 2-ply toilet sheets for as NGN 50 per roll.



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  1. Iyabo Oyawale

    June 9, 2016 at 9:44 am

    So on-point. That is ‘Lagos for show’. And, those cheese balls on the roadside make kids disturb their parents. You just must get them some or they cry. It’s annoying but weren’t we also kids at a point?

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