Assop Waterfall

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Assop waterfalls

Assop waterfall is situated in Guinea Savanna on the slopes and top of a mid-altitude ridge of the Jos Plateau, beside the Jos-Kagoro road, about seventy kilometers from Jos. The vegetation consists of gallery forests surrounded by grasslands.

The Assop Waterfall is a fun sightseeing center to visit. If you plan on taking a trip to this captivating tourism zone, simply check for hotels in Jos close to the Assop Falls before your arrival so as to make your period of tourism soothing and comfortable. Visitors will enjoy the view of the mass of water as it moves rapidly along a steep valley into a sturdy whitish torrent.

The waterfall occurs naturally at the bottom of the famous Hawan Kibo which is a rocky undulating hill stretching a long distance below.Going to the waterfall, you will find a huge rock formation along the way and concrete steps paths. It is a place you can enjoy the easing silence paused only by the tweeting of birds hanging around, the splash of water against rocks and rustling of trees.  

The Assop waterfall, which gushes out with much speed, power and splendor has added much beauty to the surrounding environment. It lies scarcely farther than a shouting distance from the Jos-Abuja highway, making it a favorable stopover tourist attraction zone.

The complete soothing atmosphere is a delight to movie makers who often go there to shoot movies. The cool mist from the crystal-clear water giving a whitish snow-like feeling and  the surrounding forest projects an atmosphere which takes you further into nature.



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