Barracuda Beach Resort Lagos

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Barracuda Beach Resort Lekki is one of the best private beaches in Lekki Lagos. An ideal location for family gatherings, corporate retreats and team bonding as well as time out with friends. Barracuda Beach Lekki is situated away from the bustling of the city centre and offers serene private getaway to locals and tourists alike.

Where is Barracuda Beach Located?

Barracuda Beach Resort is located at Okun Mapo Village, Off Ogbomo Road, Off Abraham Adesanya roundabout, Ajah, Lagos.

When is the Best Time to Visit Barracuda Beach?

If will like to visit Barracuda Beach with family and friends or take your team out for a team bonding session. Then you can spend time at the Barracuda Beach Resort during the off peak season. A visit to the resort during the off peak season promises to be less crowded and more private, as you can spend more intimate time with your family and friends.

Weekdays are perfect for people who would love to enjoy a more private time with friends. You can enjoy more access to various facilities like the basketball court, volley ball court and the swimming pool. If you would like to enjoy more private getaway with your friends, then you should avoid the festive season and holidays. You can also plan your getaway by taking the rainy season between April and July into consideration.

Barracuda Beach Gate Fee

Barracuda Beach Resort Entrance Fee is 1500 naira but you will be required to pay for items you plan to in your reserved space. The chairs and the tables cost a token.

How to Get to Barracuda Beach

The best way to get to Barracuda Beach Resort is by passing through Lekki-Epe Expressway. You may take advantage of a cab or a local bus from Obalende heading Ajah. Get to the resort easily through Lekki – Epe Expressway to Ogombo Road in Lekki, then take a turn to the Okun-Ajah Community Road where you can easily find Barracuda Beach Resort close to Atican Beach Resort.

Things to do at Barracuda Beach

1. Barracuda Beach Resort Lekki is fully equipped with facilities like a football pitch, basketball and volleyball court perfect for guests to enjoy relaxation and recreational time.

2. You can also enjoy a horse ride at Barracuda Beach Resort for a token.

3. Get amazing meals and treats from the restaurant at Barracuda Resort. For guests who decide to stay over at the hotel, breakfast buffet is available at the resort. You can also get a range of soft drinks, choice wine and other alcoholic drinks from the bar.

4. Barracuda Resort is a great destination for family fun days. The resort features a swimming pool with a garden terrace.

5. Barracuda Beach Resort Lagos is an amazing place for private intimate getaways with your loved ones as well as corporate events and team bonding activities.

6. You can also book your stay at the accommodation available at Barracuda Beach Resort. The rooms are well equipped and fully furnished with various comfort facilities.

What is the Cost of Lodging at Barracuda Beach Resort

If you will like to book a stay at Barracuda Beach Resort during your visit to the resort, you can choose from any of the seven categories of rooms available at the resort.

  • Standard Room: 22,000 Naira
  • Deluxe Room: 27,500 Naira
  • Junior Suite: 38,000 Naira
  • Executive Room: 44,000 Naira

Important Tips to Remember When Planning Your trip to Barracuda

  • Make sure you establish the price of anything and everything beforehand. It’s custom to haggle, so know that they may try to overcharge you.
  • Go with a waterproof beach bag.
  • Avoid sun burns and remember to go with a sunscreen.
  • You are better off going with your drinks even though these are sold on the beach.
  • Pack light as you will need to keep your personal items close to avoid theft.
  • Be prepared to rent beach chairs and covers, just try not to over pay.
  • Don’t forget other items such as towels, balls, floating pads etc.

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