Benefits Of Booking Flights & Hotels Online With Jumia

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Booking your flight tickets online with an online travel agency (OTA) such as Jumia Travel has more benefits than you can imagine. Some of which may include convenience, easy access and round the clock accessibility. We’ll quickly run you through why you should book your tickets online with Jumia Travel.

  • In a single view, you can search, compare rates for all airlines, and book your preferred flight unlike checking directly on an airline’s website where you will only find the one airline’s price and offer.
  • Transparency – Information online is clear and concise and you can hold the OTA accountable for every detail put out. Whether passengers need the quickest travel time, a low-cost carrier with no baggage or do they need to fly at a specific time, all of these are filters available on
  • Frequent fliers can enjoy a cashback/commission when they sign up for the Jforce Program. People who book regularly for family and friends can enjoy this benefit as well.
  • Multiple payment options – Jumia Travel offers a secure card payment option (which allows for Verve, MasterCard and Visa debit cards) and JumiaPay option which allows you pay for the booking in just a few clicks.
  • No Queues – We are available 24/7.
  • Specially negotiated fares – Jumia Travel has specially negotiated airfares to many destinations that are often exclusive to us and won’t be found on the airline website or with other travel agents.
  • Most offline agencies charge at least 10% of the total fare so the more expensive the fare the more you pay for a service fee. Unlike them, If you book through Jumia Travel, we become your “agent” and can take care of things such as cancellations, schedule changes, etc at a flat rate, regardless of the value of the booking.
  • Amazing Customer Service – you can reach us via telephone, email, social media, chat 7 days a week – our team of customer service experts is available round the clock

Now you know better. Are you going on a business trip, tour or vacation anytime soon? Let’s help you get started, find and book affordable flights on Jumia Travel.

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