Best Hotels in Abuja – 2019 List

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Abuja is capital of Nigeria and home to some of the most important government agencies and parastatals. As a result, Abuja is never in short supply of diplomats, international and local businessmen, contractors and politicians among other eminent personalities. Needless to say Abuja also boasts some of the biggest hotels in the country.

But what are the best hotels in Abuja itself? We go through our list of Hotels in Abuja and narrow it down to these 5, taking into consideration facilities, reviews of guests and the price.

The Wells Carlton Hotel and Apartment

Which better hotel to start off with than the Hotel of the Year at the recently concluded Jumia Travel Hospitality Awards. Wells Carlton is superb in its service delivery, making guests feel comfortable and relaxed while offering the best in luxury accommodation available in Abuja.

Room rates for the Wells Carlton Hotel and Apartment starts at N 55,000 only on Jumia Travel.


Transcorp Hilton

One of the more renowned and traditional hoteliers, Transcorp Hilton is popular in government and business circles but also great for luxury solo or couple travel.

Room rates for Transcorp Hilton starts at N106,667 only on Jumia Travel.

transcorp hilton hotel

Sheraton Abuja Hotel

Sheraton has made a name for itself over the years as one of the best luxury accommodation brands in the country. It continues this tradition by providing excellent service to guests with staff that are well trained, hands on, and passionate about satisfying the customers. Facilities are also kept clean, modern and in good shape.

Room rates for the Sheraton Abuja starts at N 90,485 only on Jumia Travel.

sheraton abuja

Tranquil Mews Boutique Hotel

Tranquil Mews Hotel offers good value for money. Everything you want from a hotel stay in Abuja from dining to wifi, you would get at Tranquil Mews and at a reasonable price.

Room rates at Tranquil Mews start at N 20,250 only on Jumia Travel.


L’eola Suites

Leola Suites is a chic and modern hotel to experience comfort and luxury in Abuja. With state of the art facilities, Leola Hotel comes highly recommended for anyone looking for a cosy place to make home for their stay in Abuja.

Room rates start at N73,150 only on Jumia Travel.


Look at our full list of hotels in Abuja in case you are looking for more.

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