Best Time To Book Your Airline Tickets

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These days, booking your vacation is easier than ever before. The most comforting of them all is the fact that you do not need to visit physical offices to complete your vacation/business travel plans. With so many options and a world of information at your fingertips, knowing when to book the cheapest flights has now been simplified. However, with so many different theories and opinions on the best time to buy airline tickets, this can be very confusing.

Some frequent fliers claim that the cheapest days are Tuesdays, while others argue that Sundays are far cheaper to book. However, some destinations are very season-dependent, and flight ticket prices largely depend on what time of the year you intend to travel. Factors like socio-political status, oil prices, airline competition and the weather all have huge influences on airline ticket prices. Jumia Travel brings you, based on research and experience, some handy tips and tricks on the best time to buy your airline tickets.

Cheapest time to book local flights

For some of the busy high traffic route such as Lagos, Abuja, PHC, Enugu, etc, the cheapest day to book your domestic flight is typically a Sunday, with Saturday coming in a close second. If you’re traveling for leisure, rather wait to book your flight in the afternoon. Prices tend to go higher in the morning when many business travelers are booking urgent and last minute flights.
March, September, and October tend to be the cheapest months to fly, just outside of local peak seasons (except over the Easter weekend and Eid holidays). Check out some good deals here

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Days to avoid for Local Flights

While many people claim that the best time to buy airline tickets is mid-week, this is not necessarily true for Nigerians. On the contrary, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are the most expensive days to book domestic flights. Also, try to avoid booking right before public holidays and school holidays. The most expensive months to travel in are April, May, November, and December. With crowded planes and noisy airports, you’ll be competing for more than just cheap flights. Christmas (December) and Eid (June/ July) holidays also see a surge in airfares. Airlines tend to hike their prices right before peak travel times, so you may want to book that trip to Dubai in advance.

Keep an eye out for local and national events, for example, flights to Lagos just before the Eyo Festival or to Calabar right before the Calabar Carnival may be more expensive.

Cheapest time to book International Flights

Nigerians looking to book their dream holiday to Dubai or New York will be delighted to know that Saturdays are generally the cheapest days to buy your airline tickets. Fastest fingers first!

Depending on your destination, the cheapest months to fly out of Nigeria are January, March and October. If you’re looking to fly in/out of Nigeria over any festive season, make sure you book your tickets at least five months in advance.

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Days to avoid

Avoid booking tickets on Thursdays and Fridays, as these are the most expensive days to buy international flight tickets. You can expect to pay around 10% more for your ticket on a Thursday than if you book over the weekend.

During the months of April, May, July, and December, as there’s a high chance you’ll be paying a lot more for flight tickets. This is as a result of the general trend and behavior of tickets during these periods

If you’re planning to travel during your destination’s peak season, remember that everything from flights to accommodation is much more expensive. So, look out for world-famous festivals and events that draw large crowds and avoid booking your flights during those peak times. Some examples include Chinese New Year, Paris Fashion Week, New York Fashion Week, Rio Carnival, Mardi Gras, Dubai Shopping Festival, Holi Festival, Oktoberfest, Thanksgiving, and spring break (USA).

Extra Tips

  • Don’t book too far in advance: The sweet spot for booking your flight is the 6-week period before you aim to depart, as some airlines may have last-minute specials. Booking three to six months in advance can save you around 14%. However, the downside to this is that you won’t be able to take advantage of any flash sale deal afterward.
  • Pick alternative days to fly: While everyone typically flies a week before and after major holidays, why not beat the crowds and fly on these holidays instead? E.g Instead of flying before Good Friday or After Easter Monday, why not fly any day between Good Friday or After Easter Monday. You get the drift?
  • Keep tabs on the oil price as it affects the price of tickets.

Now that you have the inside scoop on the best time to buy airline tickets, all that’s left to do is book your holiday! On Jumia Travel, you can easily compare airlines, cabin classes, and travel dates at the click of a button.

Generally, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays are typically the cheapest days to fly (not book), so if you have some flexibility with your travel schedule, why not save yourself some extra money?

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