What You Need for a Budget Travel that No One Ever Tells You About

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Budget travel is usually not because you abhor luxuries or the fine things of life. Sometimes in the course of our work, we need to reach rural areas and towns where luxury hotels and accommodation are not readily available.

As Journalists, Researchers, NGO workers etc we often find ourselves hold up in a hotel room with the barest minimum for comfort, and usually if it is our first time we are often ill prepared for the unpleasantness of the accommodation options in a remote town.

If you are about to embark on some trip in a faraway community, here are some of the absolute necessities to pack along on your trip.

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Your hotel room may very well be infested with mosquitoes or roaches. Right after you check in, your first call of action should be to spray the room with insecticide and return after a few hours where you can then settle down.

Extension Cord

Getting regular supply of electricity may be one thing, but if there is, you may be ambushed by a lack of sufficient sockets and outlets to charge your devices. An extension cord or two will come in really handy and ensure you don’t go asking around the lobby or reception for a place to charge your camera battery.


Budget hotels in rural communities and towns don’t usually have the best source of water. Of course the shower doesn’t even run and you may end up with a bucket and bowl in the bathroom which isn’t so bad, right? But be sure to have an antiseptic handy so you don’t get a nasty skin reaction.

Extra SIM Cards

The average Nigerian has two different SIM cards. Traveling far from home, and you may need to get yourself lines from the other telcos available. You may still end up having to trudge to a particular location to get good enough signal to place a call or send an email, but it’s better to at least have a SIM card for all the telecom firms working in the country than being stranded somewhere because only a particular network has reception there.

Air Freshener

You room might smell stale and musty, be sure to have an air freshener to negate the foul smell that may greet you in your low budget hotel room in Jos. This article shares more tips on how you can eliminate the smell in budget hotel rooms

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