Come take a trip to ARINTA WATERFALLS

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A foremost tourist destination in Ekiti West Local Government Area of Ekiti State, Arinta Waterfalls is a natural wonder to behold in the ancient city of Ipole Iloro.

The community harbouring the waterfalls, Ipole Iloro is a rural settlement surrounded by undulating mountains, thick evergreen forest and flowing rivers. The waterfall is a favourable destination for holidaymakers and local tourism.  According to the Oba (king), the Olupole of Ipole Iloro, Oba Babatola Oladele, the waterfall has been in existence before Oba Alapa-Ajalorun, one of the grandchildren of Oduduwa, founded the town in the 14th century.  The waterfall influenced the decision to settle in Ipole Iloro as it is a good source of water for domestic use and drinking.

Features of Arinta Waterfalls

A long steep valley, undulating ridges and tall deciduous trees characterize the waterfall. It has lush green vegetation around it and various insects, bird colonies and large water mass flowing against the rocks. Arinta Waterfalls is made up of seven different layers (cascades) each with unique features.

There is a cobblestone of about 25cm in diameter in one of the seven cascades of the waterfall. It is often referred to as the ‘Wonderful Stone’. This stone is believed to be a rare mystery. It is heavy to the extent that up till today, nobody has been able to lift it. You might just create a Guinness book of record by becoming the first person to lift the cobblestone.

Also, water from the fall is believed to have medicinal value. It is said that it has the power to cure skin diseases. However, the waterfall is not regarded as a deity or worshipped.


Search and select a hotel near Ipole-Iloro Waterfall for a comfortable place to stay when visiting. You can get a decent hotel for as low as N3,000. Make sure to check the hotel amenities and read reviews to decide on the best accommodation choice.

How to get there

Accessing the waterfall is quite easy. The roads leading to the town of Ipole Iloro are in good shape. From the capital city of Ado Ekiti, Arinta Waterfalls is about an hour and thirty minutes drive. You can make use of public buses going to Ipole Iloro or hire a car.

Things to do

One other thing to experience is the sound that erupts from the ever bubbling and bursting water that flows down the fall. The sound from the fall of water dominates the surrounding of the waterfall as if it is raining heavily.  Visitors can swim in the natural swimming pool arena at the base of the waterfall. Tour guards are always available to guide tourists. There are sheds very close to the slope of the waterfall. Tourists relax and eat under this shed. Bush meat of wide variety, which is always adored by visitors are made available from food vendors.

To make visiting interesting and exciting for tourists, infrastructures have been put in place to ease their movement and stay. A befitting gate, social centre and relaxation sheds have been constructed on the landmark.




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