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Widely referred to as Enyimba city, Aba is major urban settlement and the commercial nerve-cen­tre of Abia State, Nigeria. Established by the Ngwa clan of Nigerian Igbo people as a market town, a notable feature of the city is the regularity of markets in all corners of the city which provide tourists and visitors with a wide range of commodities. If you are visiting Aba, and you are looking to do some shopping or just want to spend a day wandering about, hopefully finding a few bargains along the way, presents the best markets in Aba to explore.


Ariaria International Market

Ariaria International Market is one of the widely held markets in Nigeria and Africa at large. Referred to as the China of Africa, traders come from across Africa to buy goods for resale in their countries. Not only are imported goods sold in the market, certain products sold are manufactured locally, even within the market. These products manufactured, ranging from fashion to home items, are usually of high quality and are comparable to those from advanced economies. However, you’ll need all your bargaining skills to get a really decent price.

Ngwa Road New Market (Ahia Ohu)

As the name implies, Ngwa Road New Market  referred to as Ahia Ohu by the locals, is situated at Ngwa Road in Aba South LGA. You will find both junk and gems in this market. A base for Okirika (fairly used) products imported from various parts of the world, it is famous for its really cheap designer clothes and reputable brands that have been rejected from export, either because of surplus quantity or minor manufacturing defects. A small section of the market also offers art, crafts, groceries and perishable food items, including meat and vegetables.

Nsulu Market:

Nsulu Market is sited opposite School of Health in Aba South Local Government of Abia State. Originally an old market where life goats are marketed in a very high quantity. It now offers textiles including beddings, cotton fabrics, etc. There are also tailors located around the market who design clothes for buyers from the market.

Salad Market/Railway Station

This is a mini- market for salad/ vegetable groceries located close to Aba railway.The market has specialty vendors selling fresh vegetables (imported and local), spices, some frozen foods and many other locally grown foods. More than 100 vendors populate the market.

Cemetery Market/ Eziukwu Market:

Located in Eziukwu Village, Cemetery Market, alternatively known as Eziukwu Market, is one of the oldest markets in Aba and is abuzz with all class of shoppers, all swarming around its stalls. Although particularly known to be a major depot for stockfish, the traders in this market sell an eclectic mix of goods from local farmers, artists and craftspeople. Shop here for local and foreign clothing, gifts as well as furniture, lighting and more.

Ekeoha Shopping Plaza

One of the oldest market in the East and Southern region of Nigeria, it is located close to Aba Town Hall in Aba South L.G. A. It is largely known as the market where all kinds of clothing fabrics are sold, including lace, cotton, leather and even some cultural materials. It is also notable for sales of electronics, including parts and accessories.

School Road/York Street Mini Market

Referred to as “small but mighty” by the locals, this mini-market is located in Aba South Local Government Area of Abia State, it is the go-to market for buying and selling of quality Okirika (fairly used) items of clothing. Featuring a number of adjoining retail markets with many stalls, it is open every day of the week, excluding Sundays.

St. Michaels Roadside/Mini Market

This market is where you can buy gadgets and their accessories, both new & old ones. Although a mini market, there quite a number of stalls scattered all over the place. On entering the market, you are bound to be accosted by one or two salesmen who will implore you to visit their stalls.

Waterside Cattle Market

Although not large, this is one of the oldest and most popular markets in Eastern Nigeria.  The market located in Ogbor Hill found in Aba North Local Government Area of Abia State features blocks of slaughter rooms/houses where animals are slaughtered and sold to wholesalers, retailers and final consumers . It is the base for the buying and selling of meat in the city, and is sometimes patronized by meat vendors from nearby cities.

Alaoji Motor Parts Market

This is a very prominent market in Aba. Having existed for a long time, it has maintained a significant role in the development of the city as scores of buyers come from various regions in the country to buy products from the market. Aside from being a base for all kinds of motor parts, accessories and auto mechanics, the market harbors professionals and skilled mechanics who repair and handle automobiles.

ahia ohuru

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