Destination: Warri

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Warri, a major city in Delta State. is one of the most economically active municipalities in Nigeria. Widely known for its wealth in premium crude, the landscape is replete with historical monuments, museums, quiet beaches, festivals and beautiful resorts.

Few Southern Nigerian towns will offer you the joyful experience that Warri gives as there are major traditional and urban events happening all year long. The city is almost as lively at night as it is during the day and it has a unique, exciting atmosphere, which provides visitors with a truly unforgettable experience., Africa’s No.1 hotel booking portal reveals one of the nation’s best kept secret.


Nana Living History Museum: Named after late Chief Nana Olomu, the Governor of Benin River in 1884 who signed a treaty on behalf of the Itsekiris, a local tribe, granting the British colonialists rights in the land, the museum is a custodian of the cultural and natural heritage of the Warri people.


Delta City Mall: The shopping center situated in Effurun, is the largest mall in the city. Just recently opened, it is attracts not just indigenes but tourists also.

Warri City Stadium: An international stadium with a capacity of 30,000 and home to the infamous Warri Wolves football club, the stadium was used to host the African Youth Athletics Championship (AYAC) in 2013.


Though a small metropolis,  there are a multitude of classy for hotel options available within a 20-minutes drive of the central downtown area. Most popular hotels in the city include high brow hotels such as: Protea Hotel Ekpan Warri, Hotel Excel Limited, Wellington Hotel Limited, Golden Tulip Hotel, Kayriott Hotel & Suites. Rates per night range from N5,000 to N10,000.



Cultural and culinary riches intertwine in numerous experiences throughout Warri. No matter what type of cuisine you prefer, how much money you plan to spend or what your dietary restrictions may be, you can find something to suit you in this city.

There are so many restaurants popping up all the time that you could almost eat at a different one every day. Some restaurants even take it up a few notches by throwing in live entertainment such as music, and comedy.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend your next rent check to enjoy a delicious meal in this city as most of the best Warri restaurants located around Effurun, Sapele and Airport roads are relatively affordable.

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If you are visiting Warri, take advantage of the many shopping opportunities the city offers. The oil-rich region has a wide variety of stores selling merchandise in every price range from luxurious jewelry, art and even the latest designer fashion to previously used, aka bend-down, jeans, shoes and t-shirts. There are also a wide range of cosmetics, small appliances, electronics and household goods on sale.

The most popular shop is the Delta City Mall which is home to the largest grocery shop in the city – Shoprite, as well as other high-end stalls.


Warri is infamous for its inimitable Pidgin English.


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