Ekiti, beautiful jewel of the west

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Idyllic and tranquil, Ekiti is an adventure packed state that leaves tourists yearning for more. From its mysterious warm spring to the lush green landscape, tasty cuisine and hospitable people, it is a full-fledged fun destination that does not disappoint.

So, if you are looking to satisfy your wanderlust, Ekiti state guarantees you an amazing getaway no matter how much itchy feet you have to travel.

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Ekiti is blessed with a landscape 2,453 square Km large making it one of the smallest, yet beautiful destinations in Nigeria. It was carved out of Ondo state on the 1st of October, 1960 and has 16 local governments. The state derived its name from Okiti which literally means ‘hill’ and its rolling mountains and picturesque villages make it a haven for everyone.

Ikogosi Warm spring

Your trip to Ekiti will be a incomplete if you do not visit Ikogosi.

Located in Ikogosi, in Ekiti West Local Government area of the state, the spring’s popularity is hinged on the beauty of fresh warm and cold water flowing from a single source. Reported to have healing powers, this mysterious fount attracts many tourists from far and wide.

To spice up a visit, there are chalets, suites, restaurants and bars available for patronage as the state government makes effort to develop the site.



Arinta Waterfall

Arinta waterfall is in close proximity with the Ikogosi warm spring. Some of its captivating features includes a natural forest vegetation, an unrestrained flow of water from the hills and an aerial view  of Ipole-Iloro that invites hikers for a climb.

Olosunta and Orole Hills

The Olosunta and Orole Hills are both located in Ikere-Ekiti town. The hills served as a safe abode during 1967 war but, today it is a tourist hub buzzing with fun seekers and lovers of nature.


The portable size of the city makes it a choice destination for tourists. It offers an excellent getaway spots for them. From north to south, Ekiti boastS of variety of hotels, chalets and lounges.

Among the hotels are Ikogosi Warm Spring resort, Great Expectation Hotel and Resort, Midas Hotel, and Simbol Hotel and Suites. All these hotels are located in the state capital while the budget hotels are domiciled in the countryside.



Getting a place to eat is not difficult in Ekiti. In fact, you will be inundated by the choices you have to select from. From seafood, to fast food, continental and local cuisines, a wide array of meals are available at affordable prices.

Brands like Chicken Republic, Tantalizers, and Mr. Biggs have presence in the state. Other restaurants include Just Ice Cream and Corn at Federal polytechnic Ekiti, RCCG royal garden, His Grace Kitchen, Bayeroju restaurant amongst others.


Even though small stores abound in this quiet town, there big shopping malls situated in the capital, Ado-Ekiti. They include Grand Tower Shopping Malls, Aniyeloye Shopping Centre, Sunny Bee Shopping complex and Aniyeloye Shopping Mall. Thanks to technology, online banking transactions can carried out at these places while making bargain purchases.

Fun Fact

Ekiti is regarded as the fountain of knowledge and according to reports published by the National Bureau of Statistics, the State has the highest number of Professors in Nigeria.

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