The hottest luxury trends in Nigerian hotels

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Booking Hotels in Nigeria, whether booked for business trips, family vacations or anything in between, have long been an integral part of travel and an important factor in promoting tourism. Fortunately, the hospitality industry in Nigeria is progressing and people now focus on the value of travel- comfortable, simple, yet high-quality experiences.

For hotels this is a new segment of the market with needs to be catered for. As a result, hospitality companies are capitalizing on opportunities to stay ahead in the industry, leading to luxurious improvements and emergence of unique features for hotels in Nigeria.

From exceptional services to unique amenities, Jumia Travel presents some of the hottest trends on the rise in Nigerian hotels.

Techy amenities

With the introduction of smart-gadgets, half the world has become tech-savvy and would prefer amenities that reflect their modern inclinations. Most hotels now appeal to these new generation of travelers by offering niceties which make a stay more convenient for guests.
At present, fees for in-room WiFi access are becoming a thing of the past as visitors now get complimentary internet facilities. Some hotel room also feature free computers in each room; smart keys and touch screen controls that operate everything from the television and lighting to the curtains and thermostat.

Amenities for health and wellness

Exercise and proper dieting may not be top on every tourist’s agenda, but many business travelers and health conscious visitors appreciate staying fit and being able to find a well-balanced meal  while while on the go…and hotels are taking note.
Most new hotels now focus on wellness, health and sustainability as travelers are offered healthier food options, access to gyms, fitness classes and spas.Some hotels even go as far as providing fitness-conscious guests with trainers and workout clothes and shoes on loan. Old hotels on the other hand are using scheduled renovations to improve their fitness centers with additional machines and newer equipment.

Social media engagement

Social media engagement has proved to be a powerful tool for the hospitality industry in recent times. People tend to read and compare reviews before choosing their a place to lodge, so an effective online presence is vital to get an edge over the competitors.
A large number of hotels now offer customer services through Twitter and Facebook. They also have websites with instant chat options created for the sole purpose of responding to guest complaints and informing them about new services. Other ways hotels are engaging their clients is with Instagram; re-tweeting photos and posts and offering insider deals, offers, and contests.

Mobile bookings

With the rise in tech-culture of 2015, the ability to book a hotel room their smartphones, is a convenience many would not pass on, and hotels are finding ways to harness mobile technology to provide the ultimate customer experience.
Lodgers want to make room, restaurant and spa reservations with their mobile devices and if possible, receive confirmatory text messages pre-arrival, gain mobile entry into their rooms and check out via mobile. In response to this demand, many hotels now have work with mobile-friendly hotel booking portals such as Jumia Travel where visitors can make reservations from their smartphones through the website and app in three simple steps.


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