Hotels or Apartments – Which Should I Choose?

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Have you ever wondered which is a more suitable accommodation option between a hotel and a short let apartment? We at Jumia Travel can think of several reasons why you should book your stay at a short let apartment in Nigeria.

Short let apartments in Nigeria are increasingly becoming popular as it gives guests and vacationers the privacy they need during their time away from home.

Get short let apartments in any area of your choice in Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt and several other cities in the country that have short let apartments available for rent.

Families coming to the country for the yuletide and festive season can also take advantage of this to get away from overcrowded family houses and enjoy some peace and quiet. We know you love your cousins, but we also know you imagine what it will be like to have the entire house just to yourself.

Short let apartments in Lagos also has the advantage of having the homely feeling that travelers so often crave. Whether you are on a romantic getaway, a solo and private trip, or you need an apartment in Lagos to host friends and have a party, Lagos apartments are available for you to short let in the most busy parts of the city of Lagos.

  • You enjoy access to facilities like a kitchenette where you can prepare your own meals.
  • Access to other facilities which you can only find within the convenience of a private apartment.
  • Enjoy your privacy with family and friends.
  • You can host a sleepover with friends.
  • You can throw a house party.

Are you planning to take a vacation with your family and see some of the best of the major cities in Nigeria during the festivities? Then you should consider booking your stay at some of the best short let apartments in Nigeria within a city you might be visiting.

Whether its a romantic getaway, family vacation or corporate retreats, with a short let apartment, you can enjoy a feeling of home away from home and have access to all the amenities and convenience required to have an enjoyable and convenient stay at home.

From stylish modern apartments to luxurious flats, there is a suitable apartment accommodation for everyone.

Jumia Travel has collated a list of some the best serviced and shot let apartments perfect for the holiday in our major cities:

Apartments in Lagos:

Find the best apartments in Lagos online, from luxury serviced apartments in choice locations with all the amenities needed to have a convenient and memorable stay to budget apartments in serene location close to recreational and leisure centres. Regardless of your budget, you can get the ideal short let apartment suitable for your stay.

Some of the top 15 apartments in Lagos include:

Apartments in Abuja:

Enjoy the best of luxury apartments, affordable short let apartment and accommodation in Abuja during your vacation or visit to the capital city. At the short let serviced apartments in Abuja, there are great comfort facilities and amenities required to have a convenient stay in town. Many of the apartments in Abuja have fully equipped kitchen, en suite bathroom, living room and well furnished rooms. Facilities such as business centre, event centre, gym and outdoor pools are also available at the top apartments in Abuja. Enjoy a comfortable and relaxing stay at any of the apartments in Abuja and have access to all the top facilities and amenities available at the hotel.

Some of the top 15 apartments in Abuja include:

Apartments in Port Harcourt:

Get the best serviced and shortlet apartments in Port Harcourt for you and your family during vacations or corporate retreats and business trips. Many of these apartments are fully equipped with facilities required for both long and short stays, with fully equipped kitchenette where guests can make their own meal in an accommodation with a homely ambiance.

The short let apartments in Port Harcourt have the homely feeling that travellers often want when staying in another city or town.

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