How to Find Hidden Cameras in Your Hotel Room

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Increasingly it has become a security concern for travelers that perhaps their hotel rooms are being bugged with hidden cameras. Not necessarily by the hotel, or it’s staff but even by rogues who’ll check in for the singular purpose of planting hidden cameras in hotel room to encroach on and steal the private moments of guests and travelers.

So how can you ensure that you do not fall a victim of this global security threat that hotel guests are all too wary off.

We show you how in 4 easy steps.

1. Turn off Lights: Turn off lights to search for camera indicators. Most cameras have red or green lights which blink or display steadily; chances are the hidden cameras are poorly installed, you may be able to see these lights when you turn off the room’s lights.

2. Scan the Room with a RF Detector: An RF detector is a small portable electronic appliance that allows you to scan for hidden cameras by physically sweeping the detector around a room and listening for feedback; before you start make sure that you turn off any electronic devices that may give you static feedback such as radios, phones, TV, modems, game console etc. If you hear sudden crackling or beeping through the detector, then there’s a good chance there’s a hidden camera in front of it.

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3. Manual Check: Hidden cameras can also be placed in unsuspecting places. To find them you’ll have to do a manual scan and check around the room for possible places where they might be hidden. Corners of the room that would give a wide angle, behind clocks and stuffed animals, inside flower vases and decorations are possible hiding places for a camera.

4. Selfie Mode on your Phone Camera: You can first test this by turning the lights off, and putting your phone into selfie mode. Now, point a normal TV remote at the front camera, and push any of the remote’s buttons. If a small, bright light appears on your phone screen when the button is pushed, you’re good to go.

To find a hidden camera, using your phone to spot the infrared light from a hidden camera in a hotel room by turning off the lights in the room, enable the front camera on your phone, slowly pan the front of your phone around the room. If a small, bright light shows up on the screen that’s not visible to the naked eye, you’ll want to investigate that further.

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