How to Find the Cheapest Flights Ever in 2019

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Why travel for more when you can travel for less using amazing hacks that can help you book flight tickets at cheaper rates than normal? I mean, you can totally use the extra money to do more shopping or squeeze in that spa session that you had to strike off your list.

Here are some amazing tips to book cheap flight tickets.

1.Stealth Mode

The number one rule to searching for air fare prices is to channel your inner James Bond. Search for flights with an incognito browser. Throws the algorithm off and shows you results not based on your search or browsing history. That way you get served the cheapest rates available.


2. Be Flexible

Choose travel dates between Mondays and Thursdays over Fridays and Sundays. Rates are much cheaper over less traveled days


3. Book on Jumia Travel

With several airline partners all over the world, Jumia Travel offers some of the cheapest rates to fly to your destination. Our technology offers quick searches that shows you the best available rates; sorting from the cheapest to the most expensive.


4. Budget Airlines were made for you

Budget airlines exist to serve budget travelers. They know you want to see the world and backpack through Europe, and you have plans to comb the safari and take pictures feeding elephants. So, find out routes of these airlines and plan your trip around their offerings while taking advantage of their discount air fares.


5. Book early

The early worm is not a myth. And if you are to be the proverbial bird, do not procrastinate on booking your flight early enough as long as you know your travel plans in advance. Ideally 2 to 8 months before travel for International Travel and 1 to 3 months for local travel.


6. Keep your finger crossed

Yes, you read right! You can get lucky to get highly discounted rates for last minute flights. Be warned though that this isn’t always the norm. Do you want to stick your neck out for last minute flights or just book on Jumia Travel now?

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