How To Fly With A Baby Without Stress

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Flying with a baby can be a challenging experience. Not only are you worried about keeping your new tiny human safe, but there are the diaper bags to lug around, piercing cries to quell and the scornful side-eye from grumpy passengers, etc. Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be a stressful experience, for you or your baby. Follow these FAQs and get set for your next flight experience, which should be an exciting one.

Do you need a Passport or birth certificate to travel with an infant?

If you are flying with a baby outside of Nigeria you will need a Passport and/or birth certificate for your baby. However, if your baby is close to 2years and may look older, it’s safe to take his/her birth certificate along, just in case you are required to prove the age.

Do you have to buy a seat for a baby on a plane?

Babies between 1 day to 2 years old do not need tickets to fly if he or she will be sitting on your lap throughout the flight. The ticket price for a baby is usually about 10% of the adult fare. Many airlines prefer babies to be secured for safety reasons, and booking an extra seat can be worth every penny on an overnight flight.

If you’re planning to hold your baby through the flight, let them know at check-in that you’ve got an ‘infant in arms’.

What items can be allowed on a plane for a baby?

Here are some of the approved items you can carry on to the airplane for your baby.

  • Baby gear, lotion and baby formula (you can buy water after going through security checks instead of using the water on the plane
  • Collapsible car seats and strollers (most airlines will allow you carry this on at no extra cost, subject to security checks)
  • Toys and dummies (this will keep your baby engaged for most periods during the flight)

How Can I Help My Baby’s Ears At High Altitude?

It’s important to feed your baby just before take-off. Then give them a pacifier or something to suck on while at very high altitudes. The sucking will relieve the inner ear pressure and prevent any ear pain. If that doesn’t help, try gently rubbing their ears.

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Here are some general tips you can make use of when traveling with a baby.

  • Book a direct flight if possible. If unavoidable, book a flight with a really short layover and one that does not require changing airports.
    Fly during naptime. The longer your baby is asleep in the air the more time you have to relax and get ready for the holiday ahead.
  • Generally, afternoon flights are less filled up than morning or evening flights and you can have a higher chance of getting an empty seat beside you.
  • Put a jacket or an item of thick clothing for your baby in your carry-on, just in case it gets too cold for him/her up there.
  • Try getting a baby carrier. Having both hands free can make navigating the airport, security, and boarding much easier.
  • If you’re traveling with a partner, let him board first with the carry-ons and you can then board the plane last with your baby. This could prevent your baby from getting cranky or overexcited while you wait for everyone else to board.
  • Changing a diaper can be tedious work when you’re airborne. So ensure you change your baby’s diaper as close to boarding as possible. Avoid awkward and stressful diaper change in the air.
  • Put a change of cloth for you and your baby in your carry-on just in case you end up covered in baby puke. A nylon bag will also come in handy to stash the soiled clothes.


You can now book your flight now that you’ve been armed with this information. Make sure you get the correct travel documents for your baby, find out about airline policies and airport regulations, and be wise about what you bring along with you. These are the most important things you need to remember when flying with your baby. The rest is a beautiful adventure for you to enjoy with your little one!



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