Destination Kenya: How to get a Kenya Visa from Nigeria 2018

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One of the most visited countries in Africa, Kenya is the melting pot of culture and one of the countries with the most touristy cities and destinations in Africa. The country boasts of several clean, white sand beaches and a spectacular wildlife which features the annual Great Migration, where millions of wildbeest travel from Tanzania to Kenya’s famed Maasi Mara.

Whether you will like to see the Great Migration, stay in a luxury mobile camp in the wild or see some of Kenya’s notable landmarks and attraction, the country is worth the interest of every tourist.

If you will like to visit Kenya from Nigeria for your vacation, you will be required to get a Kenya visa to gain entry.

Kenya Visa Requirements

Your entry into Kenya will be dependent on the purpose of travel and the authenticity of the visa documents provided.

The following documents will be required for all Kenya visa types:

  • A valid Nigerian passport (must be valid for atleast 6 months).
  • Photocopies of the applicants Nigerian passport’s bi data page showing the applicant’s passport number and picture.
  • A Kenyan visa application form, properly filled and duly signed.
  • Two recently taken passport size photograph of the applicant.
  • Proof of financial status (six months bank statement).
  • Letter of introduction.
  • Tax clearance.
  • Family pictures.
  • Visa processing fees.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Proof of vaccination against Yellow Fever and Cholera.

Types of Kenyan Visas

There are different categories of Kenyan visa travellers can apply for. The Kenya visa is required for Nigerians to gain entry into the country. The various visa categories for Kenya are;

  • Single Journey or Ordinary Visa:

This category of visa is issued to people who are planning to visit Kenya for the purpose of tourism, business or medical treatment. It is a single entry visa and you will be required to reapply once you leave Kenya. The Single Journey or Ordinary visa can be gotten on arrival and its validity period is 3 months.

  • Transit Visa:

This category of visa is only issued to persons who plan to travel through Kenya to another location. The visa is valid for 3 days only (72 hours).

  • Mutiple Journey Visa:

For people who have reasons to make frequent visits to Kenya, this visa category is required. The visa is valid for the period of 6 months to a year.

  • Service Visa:

This visa category is only issued to persons traveling to Kenya for official purposes.

  • Courtesy Visa:

This visa category is issued to diplomatic officials and service passport holders from other countries, who are traveling to Kenya on official duties.

How Much is Kenya Visa Fees

The standard visa fee for

  • Ordinary or single entry Kenya visa is 51 US dollars;
  • The Kenya transit visa 21 US dollars.
  • The courtesy Visa is issued free of charge.

Kenyan visa fees can be paid for online through the Kenyan eVisa using Mastercard, Visa cards or any other debit cards.

Processing time for Kenya Visa

It takes 2 to 3 working days for your Kenyan Visa to be processed.

How to get Kenyan Visa

Kenyan visas are issued on arrival at the international port of entry The new policy by the Kenyan Immigration expects visitors to obtain visa online. An email will be sent once the application process is complete and the visa request is approved. You can then download and print out you visa.

This Kenya visa can be gotten from the Kenya eVisa website, after the form has been filled and completed online.

Location and Address of the Kenyan Embassy in Nigeria

Kenyan High Commision Office, Abuja:

Address: No. 357, Diplomatic Drive, Central Business District, Abuja.

Kenyan Consular Office, Lagos:

Address: UBA Building First Floor, No. 22B Idowu Taylor Street, Victoria Island, Lagos.

Apply for a Kenya Visa.

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