How travel insurance can save your life in Nigeria!

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Every travelling company includes the option for travel insurance in their ticket purchase forms, especially airlines, and as shocking as it may seem, most travelers in Nigeria tend to ignore or decline the option as they see it as a bad deal. Even travel agents around the country now refrain from suggesting the topic for the fear of losing the overall deal.

With a majority of people not buying travel insurance, it appears that travelers around the country are largely unaware of the wide array of insurance available to protect them. From trip cancellation insurance to baggage coverage, travelers can  tap into this financial lifeline as it takes away the responsibility of paying for certain unexpected losses.

Organizing travel insurance is a vital part of preparing for any trip and to make things a little easier, Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 online hotel booking portal, sheds more light on the essentials of insurance for every Nigerian traveler.


Medical insurance

Although this serves as an umbrella for several other kinds of insurance, it essentially provides fiscal buffer for travellers in the case of accidents, whether minor or major.

In Nigeria where transport systems operate at less than standard, it is essential that you have a premium that protects you in case you sustain injuries or even get dismembered in the course of your trip.

It also proffers Emergency Medical Evacuation Insurance which foots the bill of moving the patient for treatment to a medical facility. Adventurous travelers are highly advised to purchase this kind of insurance.

Trip cancellation or interruption insurance

With the frequency with which people miss their flights or cancel their trips, the Trip cancellation or interruption insurance is a must-have for everyone in Nigeria.

Whatever the reason: sudden illness, civil disturbance, a change in your own financial circumstances, injury or even death, this insurance shelters you from unforeseen events which can cause you to cancel or interrupt your journey. However, most of these policies exclude trip cancellations in the event of war or travel to destinations prone to political unrest.


Baggage coverage

It is quite often that luggages and possessions are stolen at airports and terminals but the baggage cover insurance can take care of the heartache that stems from such situations.

While you are expected to take reasonable care of you belongings, having a cover in the event of theft or loss goes a long way, especially when you are travelling with valuables such as your laptop, camera and jewellery. Some of the travel insurance plans allow you specify items to indemnify and they also have limits and exclusions on the cover.

Personal liability.

You may think this is not necessary in Nigeria as most people do not necessarily sue each other except in dire cases, but in recent times, people have begun to take to the courts as long as they can a certainly make a level of profit from the legal action.

The personal liability covers you in case you are involved in an accident or there are damages and you are legally responsible for it. It takes out the stress of compensation, medical bills and legal expenses.


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