Ilorin: The State of Harmony

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Owu falls

Ilorin is located in North Central Nigeria was founded in 1450 and is dominated by the Yorubas’, one of the three major Nigerian ethnic groups from South West, Nigeria. In spite of the large presence of the south-westerners, you will find that other ethnic groups especially of Hausa extraction call this quiet town home.

Officially known as the capital city of Kwara, it is a predominantly Muslim community and is a major destination that many Muslims from other parts of Nigeria who visit to learn the about Islam. The people are hospitable and warm and this is why it is tagged the ‘State of Harmony’. It is a choice destination to escape the buzz of Lagos and Abuja and has a population of 847,582. Jumia Travel, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal unveils Ilorin, Nigeria’s state of harmony.   

sobi hills

Top 3 destinations in Ilorin

  • Owu Falls

Owu Falls is arguably the biggest tourist attraction in Kwara state. It is 112 kilometers from Ilorin. The wonderful fact about this fall is that the water pours from about 330 ft and the hill from which the water falls from is about 120 metres.

  • National Museum, Esie

The Esie National Museum, was set up in 1945 which makes it the oldest museum in Nigeria. The museum holds about 1,500 soapstones whose source is unknown till today. The stones were discovered in 1933 and the museum’s purpose is to preserve these stones. The stones are images of children, men, women and animals.

  • Sobi Hills

Sobi hills is 394 metres above sea level. Its lush green vegetation and spectacular landscape makes it a premium destination in Ilorin. There are different points from which water gushes out to the delight of visitors. The hills derives its name from the town of Sobi.


Hotels in Ilorin

Ilorin offers a mix of urban and rural life. Many of Ilorin hotels are in the city centre and these hotels are quite suitable for everyone no matter their taste. There are over 140 hotels on Jumia Travel which you can select. Some of the top hotels in Ilorin include Kwara Hotel, Princess luxury hotel, Sity Inn, and Fairyland hotel ltd. You also get as much as 15% discount if you use the these hotel booking portal.  If you will like to get an accommodation in a serene part of town, you can book your stay at any of the hotels in Ilorin gra .

kwara mall

Shopping in Ilorin

Kwara Mall where Shoprite domiciles is the biggest and best place to shop in the city. Other spots you can shop are Adisco shopping mall, Ramond Best boutique, Silvertex boutique, and Kalia Ventures.


Relaxation Spots in Ilorin

Most of the restaurants are located in Ilorin. One of many classy restaurants is Chronicles Restaurant situated along Ahmadu Bello way, Ilorin, Kwara state. You can also walk into Yinkus Canteen, Lox Chaws, and T and K restaurants to have a taste of Ilorin cuisine or take a stroll by the Niger river running through the city.

Fun fact

His Royal Highness, Ibrahim Sulu Gambari is the 11th Emir of Ilorin emirate. He has spent 20 years on the throne of his father since 1995.  


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