‘Go with the flow’ – Kunbi, Nigerian Traveller who has visited 58 Countries!

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Jumia Travel Nigeria recently interviewed Kunbi, a Nigerian who loves travelling and writes about travels on her blog  The Adventures of a Nigerian-American. We asked about her travelling experiences in Nigeria and got some tips for you.

Hi Kunbi, I’m thrilled to have this interview with you! Let us start with a formal introduction. Who is Kunbi?

Kunbi is a Nigerian born and raised female currently living in the USA. She teaches 5th Grade ELA in South Texas. When she is not working, she is traveling. She loves to read and visit waterfalls.

On your blog, you said family members fondly call you “Ajala the traveller”. How many countries have you visited and can you mention 5 countries on your travel bucket list you are yet to explore?

As of December 2016, I have visited 58 countries. My travel bucket list includes Solomon Islands, Tonga, Senegal, Pakistan and Iran.

How and when did you develop an interest for traveling?

As a child, I loved reading. I would read about characters set in different cultures/countries and would imagine myself being in those countries. However, I didn’t take my first international travel until 2001. That was a family trip to the USA.

Kunbi in Dominica

What thrills you the most about traveling to an entirely new destination?

I guess there’s a certain level of trill being in a place that no one knows you. You can be the best you or not. You can discover parts of you without judgement or pressure from people you know. You can gain new perspective. You are pretty much be anybody you want to be.

Would you describe yourself as an Eco tourist or a luxury traveller?

Lol. I don’t fit in either category. My current financial situation wouldn’t let me be a luxury traveller and Eco-tourism isn’t yet my thing. Although, I have stayed at three eco lodging in the past and had a great experience, I don’t think those will be my preferred method of accommodation.

What has your travel experience in Nigeria been like?

I have only travelled through the southwest region of Nigeria. So far, that experience has been good. People have been willing to help me or give useful tips. The one thing that continues to surprise me though is the exorbitant hotel prices. I also find it interesting that I have to persuade my Nigerian friends to accompany me. They are super convinced everywhere outside Lagos is dangerous even though they have never visited the place.

Kunbi on Olumo Rock

What are the top 5 destinations in Nigeria you would gladly recommend to an international friend?

These destinations are solely based on where I have been in Nigeria

  • Lagos (including Badagry) – there’s a vibe to the city that one must experience
  • Osogbo – the Osun-Osogbo groove, Erin Ijesha waterfalls and the palace in Ife are magical
  • Abeokuta – Olumo Rock and adinre (tie & dye) places
  • Akure, Ondo State – Idanre Hills (about 14miles/24KM from Akure)
  • Ikogosi, Ekiti State – Ikogosi warm spring is pretty cool. More magical is the Arinta waterfalls which is just 6KM/3.7 miles away from Ikogosi.

Who is your best travel buddy or do you prefer to travel solo?

Solo traveling is my preferred way of traveling. I have had some amazing travel buddies. One thing the travel buddies have in common is that they are flexible and ready to go with the flow.

While visiting a new destination what two things do you love to explore first?

I usually explore the downtown area or the old city/historical area and a café to try out hot chocolate 😀

What is your travel mantra?

No need to over-plan. GO with the flow!

How do you plan and manage your finances for travelling?

I have an account dedicated to traveling where I deposit funds monthly. When I decide on a trip, I estimate how much I would need in total and start saving towards that goal. For example, I have already decided on trips that I will be taking from Jan-July 2017. I know what the total cost will be and started saving towards it in Oct 2016.

Kunbi at Erin Ijesha Osun

Any tip for traveller on a slim a budget?

  • Don’t be in denial of your money situation.
  • Plan according to your budget. You don’t need to keep up with the Jones!
  • It might be cheaper to pre-book your advance before getting to the country
  • Travel slowly and light.

What are the top 5 things on your travel checklist?

Travel checklist? Like things I pack or MUST-do things? If it is the latter, I don’t have a checklist. I go with the flow. For 5 things I always pack:

  • Sarong
  • Cell phone
  • Laptop
  • Medicine
  • A good book

Kunbi in San Juan Puerto Rico

Do you have any safety tips for travellers?

  • Use the same precaution you use in your home country
  • Read on the country’s law
  • Send your full itinerary to trusted friends or family before traveling
  • Get travel insurance
  • Listen to your instinct

Most practical piece of advice for those planning to travel?

Have “vex money”/emergency funds readily available


Image Source: Images provided by Kunbi.

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