Jumia Travel records exponential growth through Google Hotel Ads

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Jumia Travel in collaboration with Google is happy to announce their first case study focusing on use of Hotel Ads by  Africa’s N°1 Hotel Booking website. In order to reach certain set benchmarks, the company utilises Google services to boost its performances.

Lagos, Nigeria, 12th May, 2016 Jumia Travel in collaboration with Google has released a case study about the use of  Google Hotel Ads in Africa. The research lets tech enthusiasts and analysts assess the impact of Google Hotel Ads on Jumia Travel’s objectives, one of which is to connect more travelers looking for a hotel to their vast inventory of 25, 000 hotels in Africa.

The case study by Google enables us to boost the great customer-centric approach of the business. We have noticed the immense growth and key changes with the use of Google Hotel Ads in our strategy. Google is a giant search engine and we are delighted to partner with them to  further ensure that Jumia Travel caters to the hotel-booking needs of travellers in Africa.” said Paul Midy, CEO of Jumia Travel.

In the past five years, mobile phone subscriber growth rates in Africa have been skyrocketing, to  more than twice the global average. With a prediction of a 20-fold increase of smartphone users in the continent by 2019, Jumia Travel hopes that the use of the Hotel Ads will double its traffic (from mobile devices) from the current over 30%. Jumia Travel users do “everything, I mean everything with mobiles,” says Guido Mancassola, Chief Marketing Officer for Jumia Travel. “At certain times – such as the second half of each day and the later days of each week – up to 75% of Jumia Travel’s website traffic comes from mobile devices,” he adds.

The case study therefore shows the possibility of growth of Mobile use in Africa, particularly in the hotel booking business. As the foremost hotel-booking company of Africa, Jumia Travel has, as a result, recently launched its customer friendly Apps – including the Extranet App for Hotel Managers which enables them to manage their rates and inventory right from the top of their palms.

With a conversion rate 88% higher than comparable channels, Jumia Travel considers Google Hotel Ads the most effective of all its paid channels. Besides, the company has improved its overall paid search conversion rate by 8 points, while consequently its site-level ROI has gone up by 4 points.

The conversion rate with Google Hotel Ads is one of the highest we’ve ever experienced. You can capture a lot of demand with Google Hotel Ads. It’s been a tremendously effective acquisition channel,” says Mancassola.

Highlighting the upward trajectory of online mobile services offerings such as Jumia Travel, Kushal Dutta, Managing Director of the Nigerian arm says, ‘We have witnessed internet penetration grow at a rapid rate across the country since the entrance of open-access android devices. And the ease of adoption of Jumia Travel services, inspite of the current economic realities has largely been supported by the platform Google provides.”

To help the company acquire new customers in these market conditions, Jumia Travel started using Google Hotel Ads as a tool for reaching new consumers. The launch of its iOS and Android App places further emphasis on the company’s commitment towards innovation and development.

Jumia Travel is a hotel booking website with over 25,000 hotel listings in Africa and over 200,000 across the globe. Present in 48 countries, the company holds the largest hotel inventory in the African continent and offers content in local languages including Yoruba, Ibo, Hausa and Swahili.

This first case study about Jumia Travel and Google Hotel Ads is  available here for public view.

About Jumia Travel
Travel.Jumia.com is an online hotel booking service with offices in Kampala (Uganda) Lagos (Nigeria), Nairobi (Kenya) and Dakar (Senegal) founded by Africa Internet Group and has Rocket Internet, MTN, Millicom, AXA, Orange and Goldman Sachs as its investors. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No.1 booking portal, facilitates the booking process for its users to provide them with the best hotel booking experience with fast, transparent and easy-to-use services. Jumia Travel has over 25,000 local hotel listings across Africa and over 200,000 hotels around the world.

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