Kamuku National Park: Nigeria’s best kept secret

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Established іn 1936 under the name Native Authority Forest Reserve оf Birnin Gwari, the park was designated under the northern Nigeria Government. The Kamuku National Park іs one of Nigeria’s national parks іn Kaduna State. The park is of a typical Sudanian Savanna ecology that covers аn estimated land area around 1,120 km².

In May 1999, the Kamuku National Park wаs upgraded frоm а state Game Reserve tо а National Park.

The fascinating flat terrain of the park allows for easy viewing of wildlife and landscape. Along the eastern boundary to the Birnin Gwari Ridge, the landscape slopes upward.

Some of the highlights of the park is the Tsaunin Rema, a hill formed out of larger boulders arranged on top of each other. Tsaunin Rema is the home of Rock Badgers in Kamuku National Park.  Other interesting attractions include Goron Duste inselberg and the Dogon Ruwa Waterfalls.

With over 177 species of birds available, Kamuku National Park is the haven for  birdwatchers. Roan antelopes, elephants, patas monkey, baboon, warthog and green monkeys are some of the wildlife you can sightsee.

The community around the park is home of the Kamuku and Gwari people.

Apart from visiting the park, tourists can explore the communities and find out more about the people. On the northeast of Kamuku National Park is the Kwiambana Game Reserve, another interesting destination to visit in the  vicinity.

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