“Nigeria is such a big country, and deserves more time exploring” – Henrik Jeppesen, International Travel Blogger

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Renowned Traveler, Henrik Jeppsen who has visited every country on earth, speaks to Jumia Travel as he recounts his time in Nigeria, and recommends a visit to his native Denmark.

Hello Henrik, great to have this chat with you. You have travelled all over the world, quite an accomplishment at your age, it is a record I believe you hold, how does it feel like being a member of an elite group of people to have achieved this feat?

No record, but it was amazing to visit every country before my 28th birthday.

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What was the most surprising thing you encountered on your visit to Nigeria?

That you should always judge a country yourself. Many travellers didn’t like Nigeria, but I thought it was a great experience. Especially the first day I arrived in Lagos. I couldn’t believe how nice it was.

After visiting every country on earth, you are embarking on visiting every territory, how is that going for you, and when you get done with that what other mean feats do you intend to conquer?

It might not be possible to visit every territory as there are places where they don’t want tourists, but will try. I have 34 territories left. I intend to continue to travel, especially countryside travel in Europe and continue online projects and work on new ideas.

Is Nigeria a place you intend to visit again? From your website I gather you visited a state outside Lagos, the city of Abeokuta, would you consider exploring the country further?

I might visit Nigeria again. If I decide to do more adventure travel, it would be a great project to visit all states in Nigeria, but I probably won’t live for 200 years so one must also make priorities in life and with projects. It depends on many factors. If Nigeria becomes visa-free, it would definitely improve the chances.

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What were the most memorable places you visited on your one week trip to Nigeria?

City tour of Lagos with Uber. Some travellers said it was their worst place in the whole world, but I liked it a lot and had no problems. 

How much of the local food do you try when you visit countries?

Used to do it more often, but now I only do it in a few countries as I have been food poisoned many times and have to be very careful about what I eat. 

When you want to book hotels, what do you usually look out for in terms of facilities and amenities?

That is not so important for me. I usually select hotels that are recognized by an organisation I trust. Organisations that only approve great hotels.


Do you pick up languages when you visit a new country?

A few words in some countries. Some more than others. West Africa can be hard without any French in the French speaking countries.

What life saving skills have you had to possess while traveling round the world?

Don’t think I have been asked this question before. Don’t think I had to learn any.

henriktravel lagos

Every country on earth, every territory, is a trip to Mars next?

Hahaha no. Big fan of Elon Musk, but I don’t want to visit Mars.

What common thread do you think holds humans all together going by your encounter with every people and race on earth?

That we want peace and be happy. That is probably why the world is so helpful.

Would you recommend a visit to your hometown in Denmark?

Yes, absolutely, but more to see the nearby national park called Thy National Park.

Many foreigners are of the opinion that you need a fixer, a ‘guy’ if you are coming to Nigeria, is that necessary? Did you have one on your visit?

No I didn’t, but had some local contacts beforehand. It’s not necessary for Lagos and Abeokuta, but I’m sure it is if you want to visit every state in the country.

If you had to improve on anything on your trip to Nigeria, what will it be?

That I only spent 7 days. It’s such a big country and deserves more time. Now I know I like it and that I can always go back someday to do more.


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