Nigeria’s a luxury destination and here’s how we know!

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“Nigeria is the promise land…”

Many children in the country marched to this song in their early years and this notion appears to be coming true, at least in its luxury travel industry. In recent times, there have been developments that point to Nigeria capacity to rank among the top ten luxury travel destinations in the world. Jumia Travel, Africa’s largest hotel booking portal highlights these signs.

5 star hotels and resorts

Most of the top-ranked destinations in Nigeria have spectacular hotels. Hotels around the country are continually pushing the limits to give their customers unparalleled experiences, including Grand Towers AbujaLe Meridien Ibom Hotel and Golf Resort in Uyo, Akwa-Ibom State; Intercontinental Hotel Lagos and many more which are a perfect choice for upscale leisure.

With the ongoing growth in super-stylish hotels, palatial resorts, and luxury apartments around the country. Each property is trying to outdo the next with exquisite lawns, exotic pools, rose-filled fountains, plush rooftops, and a high number of decorative silk pillows .

Luxury stores

With the economic crunch affecting major countries like Russia and China, Africa is rapidly becoming an alternative for the luxury market. Top fashion brands including Zegna, MAC and Hugo Boss have recently opened stores in Lagos, online luxury retailers are now shipping to Nigeria and generally, upscale stores which are an attraction for most of the people who frequently embark on luxury travel are beginning to focus on the region.

World class spas

In these fast-paced times, luxury travel is becoming almost a necessity as they can go a long way to provide the much needed sanctuary from the hassles of basic living. Most luxury travelers look forward to deluxe spa treatments during their trips and Nigeria can boast of deluxe spa with world class facilities around the country which can compete with sanatoriums in other luxury destinations around the world.



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