Nigeria’s Tourism Sector Needs Stronger Branding

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The players and stakeholders in Nigeria’s hospitality industry have been urged to intensify efforts towards branding the image of the hotel and tourism sector as the country continues to gain traction as one of the major tourist destinations in Africa.

This was stated by Omolara Adagunodo, the Managing Director of Jumia‘s hotel & flight services at a recent new year meet of tourism stakeholders in Lagos.

Adagundo added that Nigerians, as well as tourism stakeholders, should focus more on selling a positive image of Nigeria’s tourism sector.

“Over the years, commendable efforts have been to project Nigeria in a positive light to the international community. This brand message now needs to be reinforced by focusing more on broadening the narrative and telling a more balanced, honest story about Nigeria,” said Adagunodo.

In her remarks on what impact a stronger branding will have on Nigeria’s hospitality sector, Adagunodo said: “Nigeria will automatically become a choice destination for tourists from different parts of the globe and at the same time the contribution of the sector to the country’s Gross Domestic Product will significantly increase.”

The Travel and Tourism sector accounted for 1.9% of total GDP as a direct contribution, and 5.1% as a total contribution to GDP according to the Nigeria Hospitality Report. In monetary terms, Travel and Tourism contributed N2.298 billion to the GDP as a direct contribution and N6.205 billion as a total contribution to the GDP.

Adagunodo concluded saying that the contributions and figures can be higher with stronger branding as the sector has proved several times as a tool that can be deployed for brand awareness and recognition.

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    February 5, 2019 at 12:21 am

    So exiting to visit nigeria

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