Nine Solid Facts About Nigeria’s New National Carrier – Nigeria Air

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The Nigerian government recently unveiled the logo of a new national carrier named Nigeria Air and the state will not take more than 5% of the company. It is expected to start operations in December this year.

Nigeria Air is expected to replace Nigeria Airways which was liquidated or ceased operations in 2003.

While waiting for the fresh national carrier to launch its services, you can check out these 9 solid facts about Nigerian Air.

  1. Nigeria Air will be run as a business with a maximum of 5% of government share. It is not a social service with price support scheme as in the belief of many.
  2. All things being equal, the first flight will take place on December 24 this year.
  3. The government held a campaign attracting around 400,000 Nigerian adolescents with their various creative ideas to get the new name.
  4. Nigerian applicants will be prioritised in filling up vacancies.
  5. Governors or local authorities when travelling by plane must use this national carrier.
  6. The airline hasn’t decided upon its final destinations yet. However, 81 potential places are already listed.
  7. $55 million (~N20 billion) extracted from the national budget is the initial investment for Nigeria Air.
  8. Nigeria Air is independently developed, having no relation to previous “Nigerian Airways” and “Air Nigeria”
  9. The Nigerian government is negotiating with such reliable aeroplane providers as Boeing or Airbus for a plane fleet.

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