Osun: Nigeria’s Cultural Capital

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Steeped in Yoruba culture, Osun in South-west Nigeria is a state whose history, rich heritage and mesmerizing attractions make it a fascinating, unique and outstanding destination.

The aura that oozes from the region carved out of Oyo state on 27th August, 1991 is one of tremendous appreciation for indigenous tradition mixed with a touch of modernity.

It is indeed a hub for cultural renaissance attracting curious tourists and visitors from different parts of the world who want to understudy or explore the home of Oduduwa and cradle of the Yorubas.

Unarguably Nigeria’s cultural capital, Osun state is quite inexpensive and a wonderful place to getaway for the weekend especially during the Osun-Osogbo festival. Jumia Travel, Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal, highlights the cultural beauty of the Land of Virtue.

Top Three Sites

Osun-Osogbo Sacred Grove

The Grove is one of Osun’s most priced possessions which has given the state global recognition and fully launched the her tourism potentials to the world.

Located near the Osun River, it was listed as a United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) World Heritage site in 2005.

The efforts of Susanne Wenger otherwise known as Adunni Olorisa shielded this expanse of forest which holds relics of Osun traditional history. Thus, safeguarding it from being poached by loggers, hunters and fishermen.

While on tour, visitors get the opportunity to observe ancient shrines, figurines and other carved objects revered here.

Olumirin Waterfall

According to a report in a national newspaper, 50,000 tourists visited the Olumirin waterfall in 2014. The waterfall is located in Erin-Ijesha, Oriade Local Government area.

The waterfall offers a refreshing ambience, lush green landscape to tourists. It is also an opportunity for the dogged and fearless to climb the hill. It offers a panoramic view of Erin-Ijesha.


Miccom Golf Course

Whether you know how to swing a golf club or not, Miccom Golf Course located at Iboku, road Ada, Ada-Iragbiji, is the place to be. You can hang out with friends and family while watching golfers tee their first stroke.


From 5 to 3 stars hotels, the state offers a variety of affordable accommodation for any budget. Some of these hotels include Regina Suites, Hi Point Hotel and Suites, Spring Hill Hotel, Holiday Centre, among others. Visit Jumia Travel .com to check out more amazing hotels on offer.


Delicious traditional and continental cuisine are readily available for everyone.  If you want to unwind, you can walk into a wide range of restaurants dotted around the state to satisfy your craving. Some of the nice spots to grab a munch are Chicken Barbeque, Country Kitchen, and Lekson African meal amongst others.

Pounded Yam


Shopaholics are guaranteed a field day sauntering from one mall or supermarket to another. At these malls, you can purchase different goods from fashion items, to gifts and souvenirs. There are also banks providing ATM and other financial services  for patronage. You can checkout Mayfair Shopping centre, Brainfield shopping malls and Pacnic supermarket for these items and services.

Fun fact

The Osun River which is in close proximity with the Osun-Osogbo sacred grove is believed to have healing and supernatural powers. Many tourists from far and wide, often, visit the river to fetch its miraculous water.

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