Rainy Day Activities In Lagos

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In most cities of the world, everyone looks forward to the month of June as it marks the beginning of summer. However in Nigeria, it is an entirely different story as June is instead, the peak month for rain.

This side of the Pacific, Lagosians prepare for the month by digging out their wellies and umbrellas while nursing the hope that praying the rain away might make a difference.

If you are visiting Lagos, staying sheltered from the elements does not have to keep you indoors staring at the walls of your hotel room or sitting on the couch because the city is such a superb place to enjoy yourself even when it is raining cats and dogs. Travel.Jumia.com has got ideas on how to take advantage of Lagos culture, recreation and food while keeping dry on a rainy day. For our quick list, read on.

Go and see a Movie


There are many cinemas in Lagos, including Genesis Deluxe cinema, SilverBird cinemas and Filmhouse, which show the top box office movies at different times of the day. Rather than shutting yourself away in a hotel room, take a cab to the nearest film house and buy a movie ticket with affordable prices between N700 to N1,500 weekdays.

Explore Four Point Sheraton’s indoor pool


Indoor pools are not common in about town as most people prefer swimming outdoors, however, an indoor pool becomes a treat on a rainy day. Visit Four Point Sheraton and relax in the soothing waters of its indoor pool. Also, the pool is open late and they offer poolside room service.

Indulge yourself. Enjoy a delectable meal

Couple enjoying dinner --- Image by © JLP/Jose L. Pelaez/Corbis

Fine dining is a favorite activity for most people in Lagos. The city is full of fancy restaurants that serve delectable meals from various parts of the world. A rainy day might just be the best time to splurging on a meal at one of the 5 star hotels in the city or to just try something new at an Indian restaurant on the island.

Go Shopping


Lagos is a fashion conscious city and harbours some of the best shopping units in the country. Thankfully, a lot of these shops are located in large, dry and comfortable locations throughout the City. Pay a visit to The Palms, Ikeja City mall and Mega plaza  for a collection of retail shops.

Make it a Spa day


A rainy day is the perfect time to book some “me” time. Treat yourself to a massage, facial and steam bath. Nothing ever goes wrong on a spa day.

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