Destination South Africa: How to get a South Africa Visa from Nigeria 2019

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South Africa is one of the most visited countries and tourist destinations in Africa. A treasure trove of diverse culture, people and languages, the country is worth exploring for its history, parks, culture and multiple tourist attractions. If you looking to spend your honeymoon in Capetown, explore the whale coast or see the exotic wine farms, table mountains or wildlife, then South Africa is the place for you.

The step will be securing a South African visa. Jumia Travel has curated a guideline on requirements and information needed to secure a UK visa.

Now you can make this possible, by following our step by step guidelines on how to get a South Africa visa of your choice.

Do You Need to Get a Visa To Travel to South Africa

If you are a Nigerian passport holder, you will be required to get a South Africa visa before you will be to gain entry into the country.

Please Note:

To get a South Africa visa, you will required to possess an International passport and be sure you are eligible for the visa application.

The Republic of South Africa, Home Affairs Department has documented a list with countries exempted from obtaining a South Africa visa. The citizens of these countries may be issued a visa at the port of entry into South Africa.

Nevertheless, this article covers every information on how to obtain a visa, and the visa types available for various countries, and all other noteworthy information.

Where Can I Get a South Africa Application Form?

You can get the South Africa Application form from the South Africa Embassy, Visa Facilitation Service Centre, Consulate or accredited visa travel agencies.

Types/ Classes of South Africa Visa

If you are a Nigerian passport holder, you will only be admitted into South Africa when you get a South Africa Visa. The different categories of South Africa visas are based on the intent/ reason for travelling, as well as the duration.

The different classes of South Africa Visa travellers can apply for are;

Work Visa:

The South African work visa is given to foreigners who got a job offer in South Africa. The duration of the visa is based on the work Visa type and the contract of your employment. The types of South Africa work visas include;

  • The Critical skill work visa
  • The Intra company work visa
  • General work visa

Visitor Visa:

The South Africa tourist or visitor’s visa is issued to persons who plan to travel to South Africa for leisure or visits to family and friends.

The applicant will be issued a temporary residents permit that affords you the opportunity to stay in the country for 3 months.

Purpose(s) for which the Visitor’s visa is issued:

  • Medical purposes
  • Tourism purposes
  • Study purposes
  • Business purposes
  • Charity and Volunteer purposes
  • Visit to family and friends
  • Research, conferences, sports events.
  • To work in the Entertainment industry (to shoot a movie, or attend a show)

Corporate Visa:

This visa type is issued to corporate organizations, by allowing them employ foreign employers as a group for a certain period of time which is usually not more than 3 years. This visa type is requested by corporate bodies/ organizations for their workers. The company will be required to show proof that about 60% of their staff are citizens and permanent residents.

The corporate organization will also be required to provide documentation showing the job description and remuneration package for the employees.

Business Visa:

The Business visas is issued to entrepreneurs and investors who plan to start up a business in South Africa. It is also given to persons who would like to invest in an existing business in the country.

The visa applicant must be able to show that they have the financial capacity to fund and sustain the proposed business. The applicant for the business visa has to sign an undertaking agreeing that at least 60% of the staff they would employ would be South Africans. The applicant will also need a letter of recommendation from the Department of Trade and Industry regarding the possibility of the business thriving in South Africa.

Medical Treatment Visa:

The medical treatment visa is given to individuals who plan to travel to South Africa for medical purposes.

Applicants will be required to to provide a letter from your medical practitioner or a medical institution as part of the requirement for application. The letter must indicate the reason for the treatment, the period of medical treatment and the treatment plans in South Africa. The Medical visa is usually valid for a maximum of 6 months and the applicant can re-apply again once the visa expires.

Study Visa:

The study visa is given to the applicant who plans to study in South Africa. The applicant will be required to provide proof of provisional admission by the educational institution which they wish to attend and enlist the duration of the programme as the duration of the visa is based on this.

The General Documents Required for a South Africa Visa

To obtain a South Africa Visa, the following documents listed below are required:

  • Two colored passport photograph
  • International passport valid for at least 30 days after the expiry of your visa.
  • A completed visa application form BI-84.
  • A receipt showing the proof of payment of the visa application fee.
  • Purpose and duration of visit.
  • Travel itinerary with return ticket.
  • Yellow fever vaccination card.
  • Financial statements showing you can afford to care for yourself during your stay in South Africa.
  • If you plan to travel with minors, additional documentation will be required, you will need to provide proof of custody or guardianship and well as consent from the guardian if the minor is unaccompanied.

Other documents may include:

Medical cover

Undertaking by host in South Africa.

Salary advance(s)

Bank statement


The documents listed are mostly relevant for all South Africa visa types while some are specific to the visa type needed.

Please Note: Original documents are required and compulsory for your application.

Providing fake documentation is prohibited and could lead to confiscation of documents and closure of the visa application process.

How much is does the South Africa Visa Cost?

The visa fee for South Africa visa varies based on the visa category. Listed below is the cost implication for the various South Africa visa types;

  • Work Visa: the processing time is 6 days and the visa duration is valid for 3 months.
  • Study Visa: the processing time is 6 to 8 weeks and the visa is valid for 3 months.
  • Corporate Visa: the processing time is 6 days and the visa is valid for 3 months.
  • Business Visa: the processing time is 6 days and the visa is valid for 3 months.
  • Medical Treatment Visa: the processing time is 6 days and the visa is valid for 3 months.

A short term visa like the Tourist Visa cost #8,600 while the long term visa cost #30,600.

Where Can I Pay for the South Africa Visa Fees?

You can pay for the South African visa fee with cash at the bank or using your debit or credit card online using the secure online portal. Upon payment, you will be issued a receipt which will be used as proof of payment for your visa application process.

Where Can I Submit the South Africa Visa Application?

You can submit the visa application at the South Africa visa application centres. Before proceeding to submit visa application, ensure that all necessary documents and ready and fees paid, Your visa application is to be submitted in person by the applicant.

How Can I Track a South Africa Visa

You must ensure that the visa application is tracked after the submission of your visa application documents to keep track of the application process. To track the process, the applicant’s passport number and receipt number will be required to do this online.

How Long Does it Take to Process the South Africa Visa?

The processing time for the temporary resident permit is about 8 weeks and 10 months for the permanent residence permit. The class of visa will serve as determiner of the processing time.

How Can I Collect The South Africa Visa?

You will be required to show up with an original receipt which you received when the application was submitted. The processed passport must be collected from the Visa application centre within 30 working days or it would be sent back to the High Commission.

What is the Address of the South Africa Embassies in Nigeria?

South Africa Embassy Abuja

Address: South Africa Visa Application Centre. Sterling Bank Plaza, 3rd Floor, Plot 1083. Mohammadu Buhari Way, Central Business District, Abuja.

Tel: +234-9-4624200




South Africa Embassy Lagos

Address: Plot 110, Admiral Ayinla Way. Opposite Treasure Garden Estate, Third Roundabout, Lekki Phase I. Lagos

Tel: +234-1-4612050






South Africa Embassy Port Harcourt

Address: Vineyard Shopping Centre. 88 Woji Road, GRA, Port Harcourt.

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