“I’ve backpacked across E. Africa to avoid paying for expensive flight tickets. ” – Susan of WakaWaka Chronicles

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Jumia Travel spoke with avid traveler Susan Ekpoh and she shared her insights with us on travel, tourism in Nigeria and shared a few hacks. Enjoy.


Susan Ekpoh In zanzibar


A Tagline on your website says “Travel is not just about where we go but how every journey makes us better.” That is profound on some level, how can you say travelling has made you better?

First it’s broadened my mind, I get to a new country and experience that life can be so much different from what I’m used to.

Travel helps me live in the present. The moment where I’m marveling at new sights, yesterday’s mistakes and tomorrow’s worries fade away. There’s so much peace in remaining in the present.

I’ve also experienced deep healing on my travels, I’ve learnt and imbibed several life lessons, I’ve pushed my boundaries (like I remember swimming with sharks one time, meanwhile I was once shit scared of water) . . . I could go on, but I’d rather show others how travel can lead us to our best life.

susan ekpoh in Kano


What are the places in Nigeria that you are excited to talk about when discussing tourism in Nigeria?

I recently discovered how gorgeous Northern Nigeria is, I was in awe! That’s an area worth exploring.

Susan Ekpoh in Kebbi


What similarities do you find in other countries with Nigeria when you travel?

Very few I would say. The only country I’ve visited so far that reminded me so much of home was Kenya. I think what I find most common is that each country has its struggles, and her citizens just want the best for the place they call home.

What does government in Nigeria need to do to improve the tourism industry?

It will take a person committed to tourism to make a difference. First fix the infrastructures – our roads, then find ways to renovate and maintain structures surrounding our tourist attractions.

 northern nigeria market

Where are you planning to travel in 2019?

I’m a very spontaneous traveler, I go as the spirit leads. But I’m going to explore more of Africa and maybe Thailand.

susan ekpoh in a yoga pose on a cliff with a waterfall in the background

People think traveling is expensive, and a rich persons hobby, do you agree that this is the case?

Nah, trust me I’m not rich, at all! I find ways to travel on a budget. I’ve backpacked and crossed overland borders in East Africa to avoid paying for expensive flight tickets. I’ve stayed in hostels and met amazing people instead of hotels. There’s always a way to travel for cheap, I share ways on my blog.

susan ekpoh backpacking across east africa

When you travel solo what safety approaches do you take?

I always get a local sim, and get all the emergency numbers close. I don’t go around with valuables and I stash cash in the safe or different places. I actually do the bare minimum. I’ve learnt that people can smell fear so I try not to be afraid and I trust my gut.

What facilities do you look out for in hotels when you want to book online?

BATHROOMS!!!! I’m known to cancel reservations if I can’t stand the bathroom. Complimentary breakfast – cuts my cost on food. Free WiFi too.

Susan ekpoh doing something really cool


When you find yourself in a new country, what do you try out first, the language or the food?

This one is hard o! I love language and I love food, but FOOOOD MEHN! I can’t understand language on an empty tummy after all.

What 3 items can you not do without packing on a trip?

My cameras, a journal & my sneakers.

durbar in zaria


Susan blogs on her Travel experiences at wakachronicles.com. Follow her on Instagram @Waka_WakaChronicles

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