TINAPA Business and Leisure Resort

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Born out of the need to have a place that offers business, leisure and entertainment destination that is comparable to no other in the World, Tinapa Business and Leisure Resort was developed. The Tinapa resort is close to Calabar River and occupies 265 hectares of land. The first phase of Tinapa Business and Resort was commissioned in April, 2007.

Tinapa has a free trade zone. The free trade arena consists of four large emporiums of about 10,000m² each, 54 line shops whose size ranges between 150m²-200m². Proximity of Tinapa to Calabar port makes the idea of free trade zone feasible; goods sold there are free from import duties and taxes thus making the prices of all commodities very cheap and competitive. It’s the perfect place for quality and price conscious customers to make their purchases, items sold here includes furniture, clothings, fashion jewelleries and accessories, stationeries, pharmaceutical products, kids toys, vegetables to mention a few.  The free trade zone also creates an avenue for manufacturers and traders to sell their products, all the rigor involved in clearing of imported goods at the port is avoided when commodities are to be sold there; they also can enjoy high turnover and maximize profit. The zone is also open to window shoppers.

tinapa waterpark

Nigeria has just two water parks – one of which is at the resort. The water park consists of three pools. The lazy river is the largest of the three pools and it’s the first  point of contact for visitors approaching the water park. There is a pool for adults and children can enjoy the  water slide.

From the Fisherman’s wharf, visitors can have a clear view of the excitement going on at the water park. The wharf is known for delicious delicacies and well stocked pubs.

tinapa studio

Studio Tinapa, one of the first cinema houses in Nigeria is located within the premises of Tinapa resort.  It contains a casino, digital cinema, mini amphi theatre and a games arcade. The arcade has lots of games for kids excitement, from the ocean bomber, to the mini basket ball, to the ice hockey game and the dodge-em cars. Studio Tinapa otherwise called Nollywood prides itself as the most modern film production studio in Nigeria.

The resort has standard meeting and conference rooms that take between 8-1500 people at a time. Cross River being the carnival state attracts millions of people that come for tourism to various historical sites spread around the state. After an eventful and long day of sightseeing, you will agree that one needs a very comfortable and cozy place to have a good sleep; Tinapa Lakeside Hotel is a three-star hotel and one of the finest in West Africa Nigeria, it is known as the premium hotel of choice for men and women of distinction. The hotel got her name from the Artificial Lake which runs just behind it. Asides the very beautiful rooms, the hotel offers fantastic room services and free internet connection that keeps you abreast of happenings outside this paradise. It’s the best description of home away from home.

From the Artificial Lake that runs behind the hotel, guests can go on boat cruise to some other tourist centers such as Marina Street and Creek town both within Calabar in Cross River State. During some times of the year, the tides on the lake is usually heavy thus creating an ideal site for surfing.


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