Top 15 Public and Private Beaches in Lagos

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Lagos is a coastal city that boasts of several beaches. The beaches in Lagos include both private and public beaches. If you are looking to relax with family and friends or just enjoy a quiet time by yourself, you can try any of the beaches in Lagos. They are perfect for corporate retreats, networking or team bonding activities. They are also ideal for taking time for personal reflection and keep you far from the noisy city buzz.

If you are looking to enjoy a weekend getaway or take some time off to enjoy the relaxing and soothing breeze from the ocean, then any of the public and private beaches in Lagos are perfect for you.

We have a curated a list of some of the best public and private beaches ideal for a relaxing time just for you.

Eleko Beach

1. Oniru Beach:

Oniru Beach is one of the most visited private beaches in Lagos. It is owned by the Oniru Royal family, it is neatly kept and offers a serene ambiance for an ideal time away from the hassle of Lagos city.

Oniru Beach is located in Victoria Island, Lagos and it often used for special holiday events and parties. To enjoy a memorable stay and exciting getaway with friends or meet new people, you can visit the popular Oniru Beach.

2. Elegushi Beach:

One of the most frequented and well known private beaches in Lagos, Elegushi Beach is owned by the Elegushi Royal family. You will required to pay an entry fee of 1,000 naira and 200 naira for parking upon arrival at the beach. The beach is a popular spot for various recreational activities, there are a number of night clubs, lounges and restaurants available at Elegushi Beach.

An ideal location for social gathering and events, Elegushi beach is a great place to enjoy a memorable and eventful time out with friends.

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3. Eleko Beach:

Eleko Beach is located at Lekki, Lagos. It is a private beach perfect for people looking to enjoy a private time without the distraction from too much activities. Eleko Beach is not as rowdy or congested as other Lagos beaches.

The beach is perfect for romantic getaways and quiet time for self reflection and relaxation.

Eleko Beach is located not too far from La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort.

4. Atican Beach Resort:

Enjoy a great time at Atican Beach Resort, which one of the best and neatly kept beaches in Lagos. Atican beach is great for couples, corporate retreats and family get togethers. You and you loved ones will enjoy access to amazing facilities and accommodation by the beach side.

5. Tarkwa Bay Beach:

Tarkwa Bay Beach is one of the best beaches in Lagos where leisure seekers can enjoy a memorable time with family and friends. The beach is situated close to the Lagos Harbour. It is a favourite amongst water sports enthusiasts and corporate guests looking to have team bonding activities.

6. Suntan Beach:

A private and well kept in Badagry, Suntan Beach is private and perfect for people looking to enjoy a quiet getaway in secluded part of town. At the beach you can enjoy the serene atmosphere with and the gentle cooling effect of the ocean breeze. There are several tiny huts that provide a shed from harsh sunlight and there horse available for rides at a token. You can bring your own meals and musical equipments to the beach.

7. Coconut Beach Badagry:

Coconut Beach is another beach in Badagry, Lagos. For tourists or leisure seekers looking to enjoy a quiet time, Coconut Beach is perfect for you. The beach is located close to several restaurants and you can enjoy fresh coconut juice with freshly prepared seafood. An ideal location for fun with your loved ones.

8. Whispering Palms Beach Resort:

Whispering palms is top notch beach resort is perfect for romantic getaways, corporate retreats and family vacations. You can enjoy various water sports like boat rides as well as court games at Whispering Palms Beach Resort. The beach resort is perfect for bonding trips and relaxation away from the hassle of city life. There is also access to accommodation for guests who would love to stay over all the weekend. The beach resort boasts of a restaurant that serves both local and continental dishes, guests can enjoy access to recreational facilities up until 6pm.

9. Baracuda Beach Resort:

Baracuda Beach Resort offers a private yet exciting resort experience to guests. The resort boasts of a clear beach with white sand. A basketball court as well as other leisure facilities are available to guests for use. The resort also offers a private accommodation with all the facilities needed to have an enjoyable and relaxing stay.

10. La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort:

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort is an exotic getaway located in the coastal area of Lekki, Lagos

The beach resort offers amazing facilities like a beach side swimming pool, quad bikes, beach volleyball court, gym and fitness facilities as well as a spa. About 30 chalets are also available at the resort for use. A stay at La Campagne Tropicana guarantees a relaxing and memorable stay.

Some of the other public and private beach resorts you can explore are:

11. La Manga Luxury Beach Resort, Ilashe

12. Eko Tourist Beach Resort

13. Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

14. Jaybee Beach Camp

15. La Casa, Ilashe

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