Top 4 travelling tips for the Nigerian fashionista

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Every true fashionista in Nigeria know that infallible truth that fashion fades and style remains the same; and so most them have signatures looks that exude their personal style. They work towards expressing this style in their everyday looks. However, for most, when they have to travel, they find themselves faced with the challenge of pulling off the most fashionable look while imbibing their personal style in a new or foreign location.

It is certainly essential that anyone visiting a new destination blends into the environs as it is very helpful to discovering the place, meeting people and making memories. For the fashionista however, it goes beyond that, looking good while blending in is top priority.

From what to wear while travelling to the essential pieces to pack for the trip,, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking service provides 5 travelling tips for the Nigerian fashionista.

Research before creating your packing list

You are a fashionista, you have a reputation to keep, you cannot just throw random stuff in your carry-on or travel box and head out to your destination! Conduct some research; find out the weather condition of your destination, the cultural expectations and the fashion trends prevalent in the area. These information will guide you towards packing right. Also, weigh in on your purpose for the trip and pack accordingly. Are you going for a business meeting or just on vacation? How long will you be there and what are the possible places you will be staying at. After research, prepare a packing list on the basis of the data gathered.

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Pack wrinkle-free clothes

Aside from donning the lasts trends in style, it is important that your presentation is impeccable. This implies that everything you wear has to be well laundered and ironed. If you are not certain of the housekeeping and dry cleaning options at the hotel you have booked for your trip or you are not sure of the timing of your schedule, it pays to pack clothes which do not wrinkle easy. Certain fabrics like neoprene and lycra are some of the safe options.

Create complete looks for everyday

Do not just throw awesome pieces with hope that you will pull them off at your destination. Save yourself the hassle and try on everything before you pack. String up complete looks for every possible occasion. This usually prevents that lure to pack excess luggage and certainly saves you space in your suitcase.

Do not forget the big sunnies

Sunglasses are generally regarded as protection for the eyes from harsh sun rays, however, to the fashionista, it is much more. Sunglasses, especially the over-sized pair, have a way of polishing any look and it is a huge way of scoring sublime style points. It is also very instrumental to hiding dark circles and tires eyes when you are knackered. No matter where you are headed or the weather conditions there, beyond booking your hotel room, ensure you carry a pair of dark glasses with UV protection which goes with all your outfits. They are a stylish winner.


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