Top 3 affordable bus companies in Benin City

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Nigerians patronize a wide range of transportation vehicles however buses have proven to be a favorite.  They are a traveler’s best friend, when one is keen on saving some cash and is not particularly concerned about distance and time. Like it is with some flights, there are budget buses which offer high quality service including reclining seats, extra hold luggage, and even free food and drinks.

Interested in trying one of these? If you are visiting Benin City, you are in luck as Jumia Travel, Africa’s No. 1 online hotel booking portal in addition to providing the perfect cheap hotel in Benin City for budget travellers also points to five top budget bus companies in Benin City. 

God is Good Motors

A bus company with a mission “to convey passengers in style, comfort and safety was first experimented on the Benin to Lagos route”, God is Good motors is the most popular bus company in Benin City and Nigeria as a whole. If you are looking for an all-inclusive bus experience, God is Good has a great network covering 12 destinations including Lagos and Abuja. Price varies according to the season you travel. For the festivel period, it can rise to as high as N 2,500 during peak periods.

Edobor Line

If you are heading out to the Lagos or Warri from Benin and need a place to stay, all the information you need can be found via this link. And if you decide to make the journey by road, look no further than the Edobor line. Best rates starting from N 1,00o will afford you reclining, leather seats, air conditioning and possible refreshments.

Ohonba Line

If you are in Benin, it is definitely worth checking out the excellent Ohonba Line where you can secure fares for as little as N1, 000. Destinations served include Benin to Lagos, Lagos to Benin, Lagos to Auchi, Lagos to Warri, and Lagos to Onitsha. On board services include luggage service, Air conditioning, check-in with personal devices and seats that offer great comfort.

Do you need an ideal place to stay during your visit to Benin City, Edo State? You can get the perfect Hotel in Benin City and affordable hotels in Benin city perfect for budget guests online through Jumia Travel!


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