A Baby Traveler’s Trip to Ikogosi.

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I call Joy a baby traveler, because, let’s just say that’s who she is. In her second trip out of the hundreds on a really long list of places she wants to visit, Joy sees the mesmerizing waters of the Ikogosi Warm Springs, one of the most popular places for tourists and travelers to visit in Nigeria, and she gladly and wholeheartedly shares her story with us.

Last week, I joined forces with two of my friends to (finally) visit Ikogosi in Ekiti State. We had a great time, but it is important to chronicle these adventures so that the journeys of other travelers will be a bit smoother.

We stayed in Akure, Ondo State for the weekend and went to Ekiti State and Osun State from there.

The main reason for this is that we intended to enjoy Friday night at Signatures, a competent sports bar/ nightclub a five minute stroll from our hotel. We set off on Saturday morning to FUTA bus park where we soon discovered that there were no cars headed to Ikogosi. The only way out was to charter/hire a cab to take us there. After a lot of bargaining, we got a driver for N4,000 and set out on the journey. We arrived Ikogosi warm and cold springs in about 1 hour 20 minutes.

There is an entry fee of N500 per person which we handed over to a jovial, elderly gatekeeper before making our way in.

We set off through the serene bamboo jungle, stopping to take pictures and carve our names into a bamboo stalk.

The resort is equipped with a swimming pool and bar/restaurant area, none of which we had a chance to enjoy. We got to the meeting point of the hot and cold springs and climbed up to the source of the hot springs before it hit us; that’s all there is to see in the resort!

Several enquiries later, we were made to understand that there is a waterfall located about 20 minutes drive away from Ikogosi, called Arinta Waterfalls. Personally, this would be my first time hearing of such a place because most reviews lump both the Ikogosi springs and Arinta waterfalls together, giving the impression that they are in the same location.

After more bargaining with our driver who we had persuaded to wait for us, we set off for Arinta waterfalls in the next village. I would advise that you have a driver waiting if you are not making the trip with your personal car, because vehicular traffic around these parts seemed sparse.


We successfully got to the entrance of the waterfall (there are no signs and we had to stop to ask for directions) and our driver got down to talk to the gatekeeper. We had read online that the entry fee is also N500 per head, but we ended up paying N1,000 for all four of us. Our driver led the way up the rocky trail, and we followed in his wake. Throughout our time there, we were not joined by anyone else, so it is advisable to go in a group or at least with one other person, for safety reasons. Also, you need comfortable shoes and a towel to ensure that your trip back down is non-slippery.

We increased our pace once the sound of cascading water reached us, and the first sight of the waterfall was truly breathtaking. Our indulgent driver was immediately put on camera duty as we squealed and splashed around ecstatically.

As a small disclaimer, I advise caution when playing around here because the rocks are moss-covered and slippery. Other than that though, enjoy your visit to these natural wonders!



This post was submitted by Joy Mamudu. She tweets at @MsMeddle


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