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jiu is designed in a user friendly manner to enable easy navigation, plus a simple and quick booking process. If it is your first time booking with us, we do not want you to be amiss with the symbols and lose out on our hot deals. We have also put together this ultimate guide for you to ensure you have a seamless booking experience and to take advantage of discounts available at once.

There are two ways to book to


Once you are logged on to, do the following:

You can select your language

Yep! We are indigenous! You can choose to view the page in other language other than English -“French”, “Yoruba”, “Hausa” and “Igbo”.

You can select Your Currency

You can select the currency you want the hotel prices to show in, so you don’t have to worry about Foreign Exchange rates.

Grab the 10 % off discount

Do not miss out the offer for first timers on everything! Either it’s your first time booking or downloading the App. offers 10 % discount for first time bookers through newsletter subscription. Alternatively, you can also download the App and get 10% discount off your first booking.

Search for your Destination

Type in your destination: for example “Ikeja”. You can even search by Points of Interest or Landmarks: for example “University of Lagos”, amazing right?

Select check in (date of arrival at the hotel) and check out (day you intend to leave).

If you are not lodging solo, select the amount of rooms you want to book.

Note that many hotels only allow two adults per room.

Then hit search.

Time to find yourself a hotel

category page

Immediately you will get a list of hotels in where you have typed in the search box. Now it’s time to select the hotel that fits your budget or taste. There are different ways to do that, you can

  • Sort by “Popularity”, “Highest Price” or “Lowest Price”, “Deals”, “Stars” or “Review Score”
  • At the mid left corner of the page if you are browsing with a laptop or by clicking “FILTER” if on a mobile phone, you can select price range, amenities and many more.

After sorting, now pick a hotel of your choice. Click BOOK NOW and enter the required details on the page that pops up. You will receive a confirmation email.


Call Travel Advisors anytime, any day from anywhere on +234 (1) 4667555 or +234 (0) 700 110 3000 or via Skype call. Simply give the necessary details and your budget then arrive at a conclusion. The second step is as simple as that.


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