The Ultimate Guide To Best Resorts in Lagos

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Resorts are a great place to have a good time, vacation and a fun experience, alone or with friends and family. Resorts in Lagos are designed to give leisure travelers a time of their lives, making sure that they maximize the time out from work or business, to relax, enjoy scenic views, great food, amazing spas and other forms of body wellness and rejuvenation. Resorts are wonderful when you want to take time off very busy schedules of working and making money all year around and actually spend said money as well as pamper and spoil yourself in the process.

Several resorts are located in Lagos, which offer world class hospitality services to leisure travelers. There are resorts on the beach that offer vacationers amazing views of the sand and the sea, others not on, or close to the beach still provide sufficient entertainment, luxury, and attractions for holiday makers.

Resorts in Lagos often combine world class accommodation facilities with side attractions that include Sports on land and on the sea, for beach resorts, games, camp and bonfire nights, music and entertainment, spas and body wellness centers, quad bike rides, horse riding, couples retreat, and many others.

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The Best Resorts in Lagos

Resorts in Lagos often try to woo customers with the best offerings and amazing customer service experience. We considered factors such as customer rating and feedback, price, standard of the resort in terms of amenities and facilities and these are some of the best resorts in Lagos, listed in no particular order:

La Campagne Tropicana Beach Resort

Africa’s most visited beach resort prides itself in being a uniquely African beach resorts with great standards in hospitality.  La Campagne Tropicana is lined with trees, making it a very serene place to relax and spend time in.

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The Whispering Palms Resort


The Whispering Palm Resort is one of the most foremost resorts in Lagos. So popular that it is often the destination for several retreats and school excursions. Grown into a big player in the tourism industry, The Whispering Palms play host to several vacationers who seek out its tranquility to enjoy a great time and have fun. People particularly love The Whispering Palms because unlike several other beach resorts in Lagos, it is never crowded.

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Kamp Ikare Beach Resort

Tucked away in the idyllic village of Ikare in Badagry, Kamp Ikare is the honeymooner’s dream. The beach resort is on a small island and getting to the resort begins with a boat ride. There is no other way to begin a vacation if you ask me. The resort has a communal beach house with 6 duplex cabins positioned around a swimming pool.

Epe Resort and Spa

epe resort pool

Nestled far away from the city center of Lagos, Epe Resorts is located at the end of the Lekki-Epe Expressway. This luxurious retreat says it offers sanctuary to those who wish to rest their weary minds and rejuvenate their spirits. Its location close to the lagoon and in the midst of an indigenous forest provides it with an air that is peaceful and relaxing.

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Inagbe Resort

inagbe-grand-resort-and-leisure-poolInagbe Resort promises to offer more than just sand, sun, and sea. Inagbe offers a variety of entertainment activities and social events that are a big attraction to the leisure seekers in Lagos.

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Eko Tourist Beach Resort

Located in Akodo along the Lekki Expressway, Eko Tourist Beach is a huge attraction for younger thrill seekers and corporate executives. The Eko Tourist Beach Resort is also sometimes called Akodo Resort.

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La Manga Beach Resort

La Manga Beach Resort is located along the coast of the Atlantic Ocean in Ilashe. With very luxurious accommodations on offer, La Manga is one of the most sought after destinations for honeymooning couples.

Resorts in Lekki, Lagos

A naturally forming Peninsula in the East of Lagos, Lekki, which has the Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean beating against its shores is popular for its resorts and luxury Lekki hotels. Most common are its beach resorts which play host to vacationers, honeymooners, and leisure seekers. The resorts are usually fully booked during weekends when most people take a break from their busy work week to relax and have some fun.

Affordable Resorts in Lagos

If you are planning a getaway alone or with friends, you do not have to spend a ton of money to have fun in a resort in Lagos. There are several resorts in Lagos that are affordable and give discounts for family vacations. With affordable resorts in Lagos, you can totally have the time of your life on a limited budget. Even for high-end luxury resorts, there are packages that let you book less expensive packages. For example, you could simply book a room at a resort and not pay for the buffet, horse riding, camp nights, scuba diving and other activities you might not be willing to indulge in.

Things to do in a Resort in Lagos


Resorts afford you the opportunity to kick back and enjoy life a little. In an era where so much emphasis is placed on high-flying careers and success, it isn’t so bad to be able to have fun every now and then. Some of the things you can do in a Resort in Lagos include:

  • Ride a Speed Boat.
  • Bask in the warmth of the Sun.
  • Play on the Beach.
  • Go Horse riding.
  • Go Swimming.
  • Play at the Casino.
  • Play Sports (Tennis, Volleyball etc).
  • Enjoy a Spa.
  • Work out in the Gym.
  • Enjoy the cuisine.
  • Attend special events.
  • Camp Fire Nights.

Of course, activities are not limited to these. Resorts always plan fun and interesting activities to keep vacationers excited and having all the fun they came out for. Some of them are tailored according to the vacationers request, the season, or the traveling group’s demography.

Amazing Ways to enjoy a Resort in Lagos

There are various ways you can enjoy a trip to a resort in Lagos. The key lies in being adventurous and open to new activities and bonding with people. One of the ways you can enjoy a getaway to a resort is traveling with a tour group. Jumia Travel offers weekend and getaway packages for couples and entire families. You can take advantage of this and buy a vacation package for a week or weekend to bond and share a memorable time together. You could also join a group tour of fun loving tourists and travelers who are looking to explore more of the city around them. Tour groups such as Irinajo, The Village Pot Adventures, Unravelling Nigeria and many other such groups take leisure seekers on visits to interesting places around the country and beyond and resorts in Lagos are often visited with a group that starts out as strangers but turn into friends, and with families bonding even closer.

Another way for you to enjoy a trip to resorts in Lagos is to go with colleagues from work. It helps you see your work mates in a different light away from the pressures of the office environment and helps forge a closer bond that can help team members become more productive in the office space.

Honeymoons and wedding anniversaries are also a great way to enjoy the resorts in Lagos. When you book these resorts you could request for the honeymoon/couple package and the rooms, meal plans, activities, everything will be specially tailored for the occasion as you require.

Another great way to make use of resorts in Lagos is to use them for pre-wedding photo shoots, music videos, films and other cinematographic projects.

These and several others are some of the opportunities that can be explored in a bid to enjoy the resorts in Lagos. But if you fancy going alone and being by yourself, you can still have a great time by all means.


Budgeting for a Vacation in a Resort in Lagos

Many people don’t vacation as often as they should because of monetary constraints, but there are several ways you can have a great time vacationing in one of the many resorts in Lagos by exploring the available means of planning for it. Jumia Travel offers a means of paying in installments for vacations. You may want to call the dedicated Travel Advisors to find out about the Pay-Small-Small package.

A great way to budget for a holiday in a resort in Lagos is to plan well in advance for the trip. Know what the current price and room rate is and figure out a means to save towards it. If you know you want to do something really special for Valentine next year, for example, you can start planning now and save towards the special time with your loved one. If you have promised the kids a memorable holiday, it is certainly not too early to start planning and saving towards the summer of next year.

You can also take advantage of deals and promos to book your resort in Lagos. Jumia Travel often negotiates the best room rates and deals for its customers with its hotel and resort partners. You may enjoy as much as a 50% discount when a discount voucher is available on the website. You just need to subscribe to the newsletter and look out for several of the discount promos that are available every now and then.


How to Book Resorts in Lagos

You can book your resorts in Lagos in very simple steps. On the Jumia Travel website simply enter the name of the resort you want to escape to. Input the dates of your vacation, select your room type and make payment. You would receive a confirmation of your booking from our Travel Advisors and your booking would be processed right away. If you are not able to access the internet you can call any of the available customer care lines and have our travel advisors make your booking for you.

Tips When Booking Resorts in Lagos

  • Book early.
  • Ask for discounts if you are spending up to a week.
  • If you are vacationing with children know what the resort policy on kids says.
  • Request for complimentary champagne, roses or airport pick-up for special occasions.

Resorts in Badagry, Lagos

Badagry is a coastal town of Lagos State that is bounded to the West by Benin Republic and the South by the Atlantic Ocean. Badagry has a long stretch of beach along its coastline. There are several resorts in this stretch of beach in Badagry. Beaches in Badagry are popular because of its Coconut trees. A popular beach resort in Badagry is The Whispering Palms Beach Resort. Holiday makers, vacationers, and leisure travelers are fond of visiting the beach resort for its affordability, serenity and tranquility. Other resorts in Badagry include:

  • Suntan Beach
  • Bims Resort and Suites
  • Ar-Rakhab Beach & Holiday Resort
  • Rannel Holiday Resort
  • Kamp Ikare
  • Green Arcade Resort

For your next vacation, book the best resorts in Lagos on Jumia Travel.

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