A Glimpse Into Unwana Unexplored Golden Sand Beach

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Just like Nathanael asked Philip in the Bible, Can anything good come from Nazareth? The same is asked about the salt of the nation, Ebonyi state. And I am saying come and see a state blessed with an abundance of natural resources and untapped tourist attractions. Anytime I am privileged to visit the state, I take it as a duty to visit as many attractions as I can and expose them to the world. Ebonyi state is indeed blessed beyond what we read in the media.


Since this year, I have been visiting so many places and one of the latest places I visited is Unwana golden sand beach located in Unwana, Afikpo North Local Government, Ebonyi State. Although, I have been visiting Ebonyi State an excursion to Unwana golden sand beach is an experience I can never forget in a lifetime.

unwana beach

I hooked up with my old school mate, Olariwaju to explore this beach. Waju has been to other beaches but has never been to Unwana beach. He has heard lots of things about the beach so he made up his mind to join me on the tour. He came with two of his friends and we drove to the beach which is just 5 minutes away from Late Dr Ezeogo Akanu Ibiam junction.

Our hearts were filled with joy the moment we sighted the golden sand beach from afar. When we arrived at the beach, I told Waju we are going to board a local canoe that will take us to the golden sand where we can relax and engage in some recreational activities. He agreed but two of his friends were scared of crossing the beach so, I tried to convince them that there is a need for us to experience everything this beach has to offer. Finally, they agreed and we board the boat.

nene at unwana beach

On the boat, I looked around; I had a better view of the beach and the host community. Not as if I saw the host community but I had a better understanding on why the host community is called “a city on a hill”. After sailing for about 3 minutes, we were welcomed by the beautiful golden sands.

This beach is the best place for snorkeling. In Unwana beach, tourists/visitors can take a boat cruise around the beach. The beach has a nice place for sunbathing and picnic. I tried going for fishing, I can tell the experience was marvellous. There is absolutely nothing to worry about when you are at the Unwana golden sand beach because the beach is calm and peaceful with a great view.

We spent hours exploring this great beach. We played football with some locals we met there; we tried high jump and other recreational activities. I am still looking for the right word to express how I feel because the whole experience is out of this world. Each time I recall my experience at the beach, I feel like visiting again. Indeed Ebonyi State has something to offer tourists apart from the Natural salt lake called Uburu salt lake. What they are lacking are publicity and infrastructure.

high jump at unwana beach

The best time to visit is from December to February (dry season). As you are going, make sure you go with your lunch box or contact a local restaurant to arrange foods and beverages for you. This is very important because we went there without food hoping to get one when we get there. At some point, we thought of going back to buy something to keep the fun alive.


After engaging in some recreational activities, the day was getting dark so we board the boat again and cross to the other side where Olariwaju parked his car. It was actually a great place to visit and explore.

Story sent in by Amadi Inya of Sage Travel.

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